How to Help Remote Workers Feel Connected in your Small Business

If your organization relies on remote workers, follow these tips to help improve a sense of connectivity between your on-site and remote team members.

As technological innovations are changing the way businesses operate, they are also changing the way employees work. Gone are the days when workers had to be physically present in the company’s office to tackle their responsibilities; more and more companies are embracing remote work arrangements. In fact, an estimated 4.3 million people in the U.S. work remotely at least half of the time, an increase of 140 percent over the number of remote workers in 2005. Learn More.

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Improved Quality, Security, and Reliability with Unified Communications

There was a time when work typically meant going to an office, so it’s not surprising that traditional business phone systemswere built around a single, static location. Depending on size, a facility could install a premise-based key system or PBX or could choose central office-based Centrex. Either of the on-site options typically involved a capital expenditure, took up space, anything from a closet to a room. It entailed maintenance, repair, and general “care and feeding” of the system, so the user either had to hire a telecom manager to handle moves, changes, and software updates or pay a contractor for support. Learn more.

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Your Employees Are Talking...Are You Listening?

Why your team’s communication needs should be your first focus.

Most companies don’t have a single, unified communications solution for supporting their decentralized workforce. Here’s how to support their habits now, before they walk out the door. 37% of all employees telecommute on a regular basis or need to telecommute.  How could Unified Communications improve the way you work? Learn more.

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12 Easy Steps for Moving your Communications to the Cloud

Enjoy the benefits of Unified Communications for your business

You may have heard a lot about the benefits of cloud communications, and how it releases businesses from the costs, risks and limitations of outdated, premise-based phone solutions. One thing you may not know, however, is just how easy it is to implement. Here are 12 tips to ensure your business’s move to the cloud goes off without a hitch. Learn more.

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Communications Transformation

Why Unified Communications is the key to competitive advantage

We know you’re ready! It’s time for communications transformation – an essential ingredient to compete and succeed in today’s global digital economy. In this E-Book learn:

  • What is communications transformation and why is it important to business success?
  • What is digital transformation?
  • What are the costs associated with ineffective communications?
  • What is Unified Communications?
  • Why is Collaboration important?

Download E-book to learn more.


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