Why You Should Disable Your Webcam and How to Do It

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In today’s technological world, personal privacy is not only a hot topic for everyone, it is a legitimate concern. Whether you own a tablet, cell phone, laptop, webcam, or any mobile device that contains a camera, you need to work with a reliable home internet service provider and know how to protect yourself from those who want to take advantage of you—or worse.


Potential Webcam Threats


Your Children May Be Targeted

Parents should be aware that hackers can use phishing techniques to hijack webcams to watch children through their camera. Children are at risk as these hackers can download and store images and videos of children to share with others. In some cases, images and videos can be easily duplicated and uploaded to illicit websites.

Surprise Access to Your Webcam

There are some dark scenarios that take place online. Recent technology experts have reported that secret forums exist where hackers boast about bribing victims that they targeted by recording webcam video. When you consider the possibility that your webcam can be accessed by hackers to secretly record you, it can be a frightful reality. More importantly, any device with a webcam can make you a target for these types of invasions of privacy.

Be Careful Who You Hire

Make sure you only hire people that you trust to gain access to your home. Especially if they are hired to install security systems or perform computer-related maintenance. Recently, a man who was hired to work on a computer was accused of setting up a webcam in a woman’s home to spy on her while she was changing inside her home. The victim discovered that the man had set up a hidden web cam and laptop in her bedroom without her consent.

Facebook Scams

In Lancaster, New York, police recently issued a warning to residents regarding a new scam that involved contacting the victim via Facebook. The victim was unaware of the dangerous implications of corresponding with the scammer because he pretended to be somebody the victim knew. The scammer convinced the victim to exchange explicit photos and videos. The situation escalated after the scammer demanded that the victim send money. The scammer wanted the money in exchange for the prevention of posting the explicit photos and videos on the internet and sending them to the victim’s friends and family.

How to Protect Yourself

With all of the potential threats to your privacy that pop up every day, it is important that you take measures to avoid potential webcam threats. By taking a few simple measures, you can significantly reduce the chances of you and your loved ones becoming victims.

Buy Preinstalled Webcam Security Covers

One of the easiest ways to protect yourself is to purchase technology that already has safeguards in place to make disabling your webcam easier. For example, Lenovo’s latest ThinkPads offer consumers the convenience of webcam security covers.

Cover Your Webcam

Another viable option is to cover up your webcam. This is a very simple, non-expensive solution. You can use black tape, a sticker, or simply block the camera’s view with an object.

Use Anti-Virus Software to Prevent Webcam Invasions

You can also use an anti-virus software that will detect potential threats to your system. Though this type of measure will not detect all types of webcam attacks, an anti-virus software will let you know if someone is attempting to access or control your device. For example, software like Windows Defender offers comprehensive security for your PC.

Prevent Webcam Attacks on Mobile Devices

In addition, if you are an Apple user with mobile devices such as an iPad or iPhone, make sure you always perform the most recent security updates on your personal devices. Android users can access security bulletins on the Android site. These measures will ensure that the webcams on your mobile devices are protected.


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