Smart Gardening: Should You Jump on Board

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Smart gardening technology offers a variety of useful tools to fit your budgetary and gardening needs. If you are just getting started with smart gardening, you should consider what issues or priorities you want to focus on. The majority of smart gardening devices are aimed at sensing the environment around them and/or automating a task. 

How do you know if you should purchase smart gardening technology? The answers are found in knowing what options are available. With several technological gadgets on the market, smart gardening tools encompass plant sensors, weather monitors, sprinkler systems and even robot lawn mowers. These devices often communicate with apps using automation via fast home internet service to save you time and money. In addition, you can collect environmental data to monitor your garden. 

Control Your Sprinklers at the Touch of a Button

Would you like to save money on your water bill? A wonderful solution is to remotely control your garden’s sprinkling system. Smart gardening sprinklers offer you a convenient, low-cost option to cut down on your water bill. 

The Gro Controller by Scott  allows you to turn your sprinklers on or off from an app on your iOS or Android mobile device. This can come in handy if it rains, because the app uses real-time weather data to adjust your watering schedule. Starting at just under $150, you can make sure that your home irrigation runs more efficiently by making adjustments in the palm of your hand.

Know When Your Plants Are Thirsty with Water Sensors

Have you ever overwatered or under-watered a plant, causing it to die? It can be challenging for gardeners at any experience level to know how much water their plants need. It can also be costly when you have to pay to replace dead plants. If you add water sensors to your smart garden, you no longer have to take a stab in the dark in deciding when to water. 

For example, the PlantLink by Oso Technologies measures moisture levels and tells you when they are low. With an initial cost starting at $79 and the option to buy additional Links for only $35, you can get started for around $100.  In addition, the Plantlink is a low-energy device that uses solar power that has a battery life of a year or more. 

Cut Down on Hours of Lawn Care with Robotic Lawn Mowers

Do you spend several hours a month caring for your lawn? If you want to simplify your lawn care routine without hiring a lawn care service, a robotic lawn mower may be the answer to your problem.

A robotic lawn mower reduces the physical labor and time investment you need to make in order to keep your lawn in tip-top shape. Honda, for example, offers Miimo. Miimo uses a continuous cutting system, which trims your lawn approximately 1-inch multiple times a week. It pairs with an app that adjusts how Miimo cuts based on grass growth. In addition, it detects denser patches of grass. This investment is a bit more significant, starting at around $900. But, if you want to keep your lawn looking sharp with little labor and time involved, a robotic lawn mower is a viable solution for any smart gardener.

Smart gardening technology can help you learn about your garden so you can make it thrive. In addition, it can reduce costs for water bills, keep plants alive, and keep your lawn freshly cut. If these options sound appealing to you, you should get started with smart gardening to keep your garden healthy and blossoming!


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