What's the Difference Between TV Everywhere and Streaming TV Services?

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Streaming video technology offers users a different way to view live and on-demand shows and movies. Streaming gives consumers unmatched convenience. You get to choose what you want to watch, when you want to watch it, and which devices you’d prefer to watch your content on.

Currently, there are two main types of digital streaming services: TV Everywhere and Streaming TV Services. In the following post, we’ll define what each of these services offer you as a viewer and what their key differences are. Read on to learn more.

What Is TV Everywhere?

TV Everywhere is a service that is available to all Consolidated Digital TV subscribers. TV Everywhere apps and websites ask viewers to authenticate their television subscription. Once that subscription is verified, you’re able to access any channel that’s included in your TV package. For example, to watch a baseball game on Fox Sports via TV Everywhere, you’ll have to have a TV package that includes the Fox Sports networks.

By using various TV network apps and websites, Consolidated Communications traditional TV customers can stream live content and on-demand content from over one hundred channels. Users can stream content within and outside the home to authenticated devices, including computers and mobile devices. 

TV Everywhere is free for Consolidated Digital TV customers. All you need is a subscription to the network you want to watch. It includes live TV as well as full episodes of current TV shows. You’ll gain access to online programming for channels that your cable subscription includes.

It’s important to note that if you watch TV Everywhere through a mobile phone not connected to wifi, you may have to pay data charges from your cellular carrier.

However, you can watch TV Everywhere without incurring cellular data charges as long as you’re able to sign on to wifi. Wifi access is typically available in your home, office and public places such as shopping malls, hotels, or airports. The quality of TV Everywhere does depend on the strength of the available signal.

Curious about what programs are available through TV Everywhere? It varies greatly between television networks. While some networks may provide a live online feed, others prefer to keep it to full, current episodes of their most popular television series.

What Is Streaming TV Service?

Streaming TV services are subscription-based but separate from traditional Consolidated Communications Digital TV service subscriptions. Streaming TV services are delivered via the Internet and do not require a Consolidated TV box. Typically, streaming TV services offer a free trial so consumers can try before they buy. Streaming TV services also offer the benefit of no contracts so that consumers are able to cancel their subscription without penalties. Streaming TV offers consumers a choice for those who prefer niche programming or cannot get traditional TV service.

Consolidated Communications has partnered with several streaming TV services to provide a wide array of streaming TV options to our customers, including:


A Bundled High-Speed Internet and TV Subscription Lets You Get the Most out of your Services

Regardless of whether you prefer streaming TV services or TV Everywhere as part of a traditional TV subscription, you need a high-speed Internet connection for the best experience possible. Browse our selection of TV and internet packages to learn more at consolidated.com.



Not all services are available in all areas.



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