5 Ways to Use Tech to Reconnect this Winter

It Takes 2...And Tech...To Reconnect

Author: Kirstin Toms - MarCom/Wednesday, February 6, 2019/Categories: Home Bundles

In recent years, researchers have blamed technology for a diminishing quality of relationships. Many have turned to communicating via text instead of talking in person, and the replacing of positive reinforcement with “likes” on social media is a step removed from actual human interaction.

But technology can bring you closer to your loved ones. As Valentine’s Day approaches, use technology to cozy up with your loved ones.

Binge Your Favorite Shows Together

There’s no better way to reconnect than with some fresh popcorn, your favorite beverages, and a night of binge-watching the decades’ best shows and movies. With network TV and streaming video over internet/wifi, all through Consolidated Communications, you have more choices than ever before.

From the episodic hit The Blacklist to the creepy-yet-obsessive You, or a full-on Marvel Cinematic Universe marathon in honor of the upcoming Avengers: Endgame, this season’s programming is bound to make you want to snuggle a little closer to the one you love.

Schedule Date Night

Send your sweetie a Google calendar invite for a date night. Include a link to a reservation to your favorite restaurant on OpenTable and buy movie tickets online in advance so you’ll be ready for the big night.

Send a “Thinking of You” Text

The day of your date, increase anticipation with cute and funny “thinking of you” texts and memes throughout the day. Your partner can look back at your texts for weeks and smile thinking of the fun you had that evening.

Get Social Together

When you’re ready for family fun, download games to play together on your mobile devices using your Consolidated Communications wifi connection. "Heads Up!" is a high-tech twist on a popular card game, where one player places a smartphone on their forehead, screen facing out, and the other players act out the word that’s showing for the first player to guess.

You can also go head-to-head in "Words with Friends" or collaborate on puzzle games like "Zen."  

Long-distance Love?

Is your partner away this Valentine’s Day? Are you working late again? Get closer with video chat or FaceTime, which is much more intimate than a regular phone call because you can see facial expressions and share interesting things about your environment in real-time.

When it’s overused and family members refuse to put their phones down, even during dinner, technology can create a divide. But if you consider the creative ways to use technology for fun as a couple or a family, you’ll be thankful Consolidated Communications offers so many choices and low rates for TV and Internet.


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