Lower Prices, Bigger Screens: What’s New in TV for 2019?

Author: Kirstin Toms - MarCom/Wednesday, February 6, 2019/Categories: TV & Streaming TV

The Consumer Electronics Show takes place in Las Vegas every January, showcasing what’s to come in TV screens. This year’s show did not disappoint, with advancements in 8K resolution, High Dynamic Range (HDR), and even aesthetics.

Are You Ready to Get in on the 8K Action?

In spite of the lack of available 4K content, manufacturers are already offering 8K TVs.

Televisions like Sony’s Z9G LED-backlit LCD feature processing power that makes even ordinary HD content look better than it would on your old 1080p screen.

Samsung’s QLED, or Quantum Dot LED, uses an LED light that reflects onto quantum dots, producing a brighter picture with truer colors than conventional LEDs. The latest QLED is available in sizes from 65 to 85 inches.

HDR Improves Image Quality

Even with a lack of 8K (or even 4K) content, current programming promises to look better than ever on screens with greater High Dynamic Range (HDR). While 4K describes the number of pixels in an image, HDR describes how bright — or how black — those pixels are.

OLEDs have the advantage when it comes to blacker blacks, since pixels can actually turn off. On HDR screens, whether they are LCD, QLED, or OLED, whites get whiter, bright colors are displayed with more vibrancy, and screens can display as many as 1 billion color possibilities for more lifelike imagery.

Screens that Blend

It’s not enough that today’s televisions look good while playing our favorite programming. Today’s consumers also covet TVs that look good when they are off. Many people no longer want a big black rectangle on their wall.

Enter screens like Samsung’s Frame, a TV that displays art or photographs when it’s not playing your favorite shows.

LG’s Rollable Screen Turns Heads

In the category of ultra-luxury (read: expensive) consumer TVs, LG introduced a rollable OLED that literally disappears into a black or white rectangular box to match your decor when not in use, much like a projection screen. Offering 4K resolution and a 100-watt Dolby Atmos speaker for immersive audio, the screen will be available in 2019 in a 65-inch model at an undisclosed, presumably premium price.

When Buying a TV, Balance Budget and Room Size

While a giant 98-inch 8K TV or LG’s rollable OLED might make you the envy of your neighbors, it’s important to consider if you need that much screen in your room. Industry experts recommend sitting at a distance about twice the size of the screen. So, if you are sitting 10 feet from your TV, you don’t need a screen bigger than 60 inches.

However, for a truly immersive experience, you might consider buying the largest screen you can afford. And with prices dropping rapidly, that could be a lot bigger than you imagine. The average price for a 65-inch LCD TV in the third quarter of 2018 was just $1,110, down from $1,256 the previous quarter and continuing to drop rapidly, according to an IHS report.

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