How You Can Turn Device Screens Into Screens of Serenity

3 Ways to Turn Your Device Screens Into Serenity

Author: Kirstin Toms - MarCom/Wednesday, March 13, 2019/Categories: Home Internet

Even when it’s running at its fastest speeds, many people view their internet connection — or, more accurately, the devices that rely on it — as a source of stress. Work emails. Bills. Junk mail. World news. We get it all online, and it usually means adding yet another task to our over-piled plates.

But on the flip side, have you considered that your home’s Wi-Fi, combined with your favorite devices, has all you need to help you relax? With Consolidated Communications’ rock-solid connection, you won’t experience the frustrations of lag or buffering that can spoil your newfound sense of serenity.

1. Meditate With the Masters

Want to learn the basics of meditation? Tune in to YouTube and find what you need with The Honest Guys, who provide relaxing guided meditations and scenic videos to more than 808K subscribers. For a quick meditation fix, you can practice anywhere and anytime, even with the kids, check out Cory Muscara, mindfulness expert and founder of the Long Island Center for Mindfulness. His meditations take just three to five minutes and are fun and relaxing for the whole family.

2. Learn More About Meditation

Once you’ve realized how easy and effective meditation can be, you may want to learn more about why it works so well. Download the 10% Happier podcast with ABC News’ Dan Harris to hear from renowned experts on the subject of training your mind.

3. Mindfulness Apps Keep You on Course

What could be better than holding a little slice of inner peace in the palm of your hand? Download one of thousands of meditation apps available through the Google Play or the App Store to help you stay committed to your daily mindfulness practice.

The free version of the Calm app offers easy seven-day programs to help alleviate anxiety, improve sleep, and help you focus, while the paid version also has 21-day programs on a more expansive array of topics. Headspace is another meditation app that can teach you mindfulness in just three minutes a day.

Commit to Inner Calm

These shows and apps can help you take better control of your thoughts and emotions. But it’s also important to take time to unplug along your journey to inner peace. Plan a family game night with no devices, put down your phones during dinner, and turn off all devices at least an hour before bedtime, because blue light can disrupt sleep patterns.

When you’re ready to log on to modern life again, your Consolidated Communications Wi-Fi signal will be ready and waiting, as fast and strong as ever.


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