To Fall Shows to Make You Miss Summer a Little Less

Author: Kirstin Toms - MarCom/Wednesday, September 11, 2019/Categories: TV & Streaming TV

Summer vacation is over. The kids have gone back to school. You’ve cleared out the shorts and bathing suits to make room for hoodies and tossed those flip flops aside in favor of boots. Now it’s time to relax with a hot spiced apple cider and binge some of the best new shows of fall.

Where should you tune in first? What’s worth watching? Here’s our list of must-see returning favorites and some new shows that could fill that void left by the final episode of Game of Thrones.

Watchmen (HBO)

This new series doesn’t premiere until Oct. 20, but it looks to be worth the wait. Based on the graphic novel by the same name, Watchmen debuted its trailer at San Diego Comic-Con, where it was met with much fanfare.

For those not familiar with the graphic novel, Watchmen is set in an alternate history where superheroes have become vigilantes, donning masks and going head-to-head against the local police force. Add a cast that includes Jeremy Irons, Don Johnson, and Louis Gossett Jr. and Watchmen looks to be a winner in the making.

His Dark Materials (HBO)

Yet another on-screen adaptation of a sci-fi/fantasy hit, His Dark Materials is based on Philip Pullman’s young adult trilogy. Like the novels, the series details the adventures of orphan Lyra Belacqua and her search for her friend Will Parry through a world of parallel dimensions. In this world, people’s souls are embodied in animals that stay by their side. We’ve become accustomed to talking, animated wild animals through Disney live-action classics like The Jungle Book and The Lion King, so His Dark Materials won’t disappoint, thanks to plenty of talented voice actors who bring the characters to life.

On Becoming a God in Central Florida (Showtime)

Kirsten Dunst stars in this promising new dark comedy set near Orlando in the early ‘90s. Playing a water park employee who joins a pyramid scheme corporation (Founders American Merchandise, or FAM) after her husband dies and leaves her as a single mother, Dunst brings incredible honesty, rawness, and multiple dimensions to a tricky anti-hero role. All at once exploring human nature, the struggle to survive, and all-too-realistic pyramid scheme companies that are still thriving today, On Becoming a God in Central Florida is funny and intriguing. It’s not too late to catch up on the first few episodes of the first season.

The Good Place (NBC)

The fall roster seems to be heavy on dark sci-fi and fantasy, but there’s still plenty for viewers who want laughs instead. Parks and Recreation creator Michael Schur brings us the third season of The Good Place. If you were hooked by the second season’s plot twist (Spoiler alert: The humans went back down to Earth for a second chance at earning their spot in the “Good Place”), then you’ll definitely want to tune in to follow Eleanor Shellstrop’s (played by Kristen Bell) adventures. If you’ve never caught an episode, now’s the perfect time to binge the first two seasons so you’re ready for the late September premiere.

Where Will You Be Watching TV This Fall?

While we haven’t even delved into returning hits like American GodsWestworld, and Outlander (the release dates are set for Winter 2020 or later), it looks like there will be plenty others to watch throughout the cooler months.

With Consolidated Communications and TV Everywhere, you can stream these shows—and all the season’s top hits—on your TV, computer, or mobile device. In fact, with so many great shows and so many viewing options, the question may not be “What are you watching?” but “Where will you watching it?”


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