The Best Podcasts for Kids

Author: Kirstin Toms - MarCom/Tuesday, October 15, 2019/Categories: Home Internet

We live in a highly visual world where kids relish “screen time.” That can include anything from YouTube videos of youngsters opening toys to hot cartoons like Peppa Pig and on-screen games.

But today’s best podcasts for kids feature highly engaging content that kids will love—sans the video. Just as old-fashioned radio shows did in their time, today’s podcasts ignite imaginations of a new generation.

So what are some of the best podcasts for kids?

Consolidated Communications dug deep to find the best fun and educational podcasts for kids of all ages.

Wow in the World

Produced by NPR, Wow in the World is an engaging podcast designed for the curious scientist in all of us. Hosts Mindy Thomas and Guy Raz take kids on the “Who, What, When, Where, Why, How and Wow” in the world of everything from Artificial Intelligence to canine communications. Each episode runs just around 30 minutes—perfect for young minds who want to get to the good stuff fast. The fan-favorite episode “The Karate Kickin’ Cockroach” explores bugs in the world around us and is a must-listen.

Story Pirates

Story Pirates was founded as an art and entertainment company in Los Angeles and New York City in 2004. Since then, it’s grown into a #1 rated podcast, a live traveling performance group, and a middle-grade book series. Story Pirates celebrates the words and ideas of children. Lee, Peter, Rachel and Meghan tour on a flying pirate ship to find children’s stories to perform, enlisting the help of celebrity guests along the way. An imaginative podcast that will be sure to please, Story Pirates is great for storytellers of any age.

But Why?

A fun and interactive show presented by NPR, But Why? answers children’s questions about everything from electricity to mosquitos. Want to hear your child’s question answered on the show? Help them record it on your smartphone and then send the audio file to We all have questions about the world. But Why? has answers.

Brains On!

Similar to But Why? and Wow in the World, Brains On! is another science-based educational podcast that answers questions about the world around us. Brains On! Explores everything from feelings to technology. The makers also produce top-rated Smash Boom Best, an award-winning debate show for kids.

Circle Round

Circle Round is an innovative podcast that shares a folk tale from a specific culture during every 20- to 30-minute show. In addition to sharing a moral with each story, each episode ends with an activity to inspire deeper conversation between parent and child. Embrace far-off worlds and hear fun stories every time you tune in.

Keep Kids Busy the Easy Way

Let’s face it: As busy parents, sometimes you need to get things done. These podcasts provide educational entertainment you can feel good about. Simply connect your smartphone, tablet, or your child’s tablet to your home’s wifi via Consolidated Communications and let them tune in to a podcast to get half an hour of calm in your home.

Better yet, tune in and let your child listen while you’re washing dishes or cooking dinner; you may even overhear a few interesting facts about science, technology, or nature. There’s no need to shy away from technology for the littles when you know they’re enjoying wholesome, educational programming like these top podcasts for kids.


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