5 Best Tips to Order Last-Minute Gifts in Seconds

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5 Best Tips to Order Last-Minute Gifts in Seconds

You’ve got a holiday party tonight and realize you don’t have a gift for the grab bag exchange. Between your hair and nail appointments, there’s no time to pick something up.

Or worse, your family holiday get-together is this weekend, and as you look at the growing pile of gifts near your fireplace, you realize you didn’t get anything for Uncle Louie.

What can you do? As long as you’ve got your Consolidated Communications internet connection, you’ll be fine. Use your home WiFi and a digital payment method to make gifts appear on your doorstep or in your email inbox almost instantly.

1. Embrace the Power of Prime

The memes speak the truth; virtually everyone loves Amazon Prime. The e-commerce giant’s delivery service shipped more than 5 billion packages in 2017, and that number continues to rise. But did you know that Amazon Prime even offers same-day delivery on some purchases? This could save you in a pinch.

2. Seek Out Other Retailers with Overnight Delivery

Amazon isn’t the only provider to offer free next-day delivery, either. Walmart now offers free next-day shipping for many items, as long as you order eligible products for weekday delivery and make a purchase of $35 or more. Many online retailers provide next-day shipping for a hefty fee—but sometimes, it’s worth the extra money.

3. Have a Gift Shipped Straight to the Store

If shipping charges make you cringe, you can always order a gift online and then have it shipped to the local brick-and-mortar store. Top retailers like Kohl’s, Target, and Best Buy all provide ship-to-store services, and most can have your order ready within an hour or two.

4. Grab a Digital Gift Card

Need a gift right now—like, in seconds instead of hours or days? Many gift card sites deliver e-gift cards directly to the recipient’s inbox. The perfect present when you forget your brother’s birthday or need a holiday gift for a teacher, emailed gift cards can save the day when your memory failed.

If you don’t have the recipient’s email address but will be seeing them in person, you can also purchase a digital gift card and print it yourself. Print the gift card on sturdy photo paper, add some ribbon, or mount it on construction paper to create a five-minute gift that looks like you put much more thought into it.

5. Send a Subscription to a Streaming Service

If the person you’re shopping for loves music, consider a subscription to Spotify, Pandora, or another streaming music service. Most services will send an email notification, or you can print out a clever card describing your gift.

Why limit your gift of entertainment to just music? A year of Disney+ costs less than $85 and offers programming for the whole family. Of course, many other streaming video services can round out the recipient’s viewing repertoire. Best of all, as long as your recipient has a Consolidated Communications WiFi connection, your gift can keep on giving for as long as you choose.  

Sit Back and Enjoy the Holiday Season!

Consolidated Communications WiFi can make holiday shopping a snap—or, more accurately, a click—giving you more time to enjoy the holiday movies through your Consolidated Communications TV service.


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