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When it comes to your computer, hacking is generally considered a bad thing. That is, unless you’re talking about using “life hacks” to simplify everyday computing tasks, such as shopping for internet service providers in your area.

Try these technology tips and tricks to “hack” your way to increased productivity—one keystroke at a time.

Keyboard Tips and Tricks to Keep Your Fingers Flying

Switching from the keyboard to the mouse, trackpad, or even touchscreen, is unwieldy and time-consuming. Having keyboard shortcuts at your fingertips (so to speak) can save you time and keep you in the flow when typing.

Delete a Whole Word—or More

Instead of highlighting blocks of text for deletion, press Ctrl + Backspace to delete a whole word. Keep pressing to quickly delete a whole sentence without putting a finger on the mouse.

Move a Cursor in Two Easy Steps

There’s no need to zoom around the screen with your mouse. Just hit Ctrl + Left Arrow to move the cursor to the left by a full word or Ctrl + Right Arrow to move it in the opposite direction.

Select Blocks of Text with Ease

Now that you know how easy it is to move the cursor word-by-word, you can also use Shift + Ctrl + Left or Right Arrow to select those words as you go. Using the Up or Down Arrow in the same combination lets you select a paragraph at a time. To move an entire paragraph, use Shift + Alt + Up or Down Arrow.

Make Superscripts or Subscripts Without Using the Tool Bar

Sure, you can click the sub- or superscript icon on the Home toolbar in Word to type things like 33 or H20. But it’s even easier to hit Ctrl + = for subscript or Ctrl + Shift + = for superscript. Hit the same combination again to turn it off.

Find the Shortcut for Every Foreign Character

Did you know you have a desktop app that lets you view and copy every foreign character or wingding available? Search “character map” in the search box and select “Desktop app.” You can copy and paste the character into the document you’re creating, or click the character to view the keyboard shortcut.

Save Even More Time with These Tricks

These shortcuts will save you time as you bounce between tasks, make screenshots, and manage multiple apps at the same time. There’s even a shortcut for creating shortcuts.

Screenshot in Seconds

You probably already know Prt Scr takes a screenshot in one click. But if you don’t want to capture the entire screen, you’ll need to paste the screenshot (Ctrl + V) and then crop it.

Or, you can use this hack: Windows Key + Shift + S creates a cursor that allows you to select a square or rectangular portion of your screen to copy. Select only the portion of the screen you want, and then hit Ctrl + V to paste it. Changed your mind? Use Esc to cancel the action.

Fix the Big “Oops”

You probably already know that Ctrl + Z can undo accidentally deleted words or changes you didn’t intend to make. But it also works beyond typing errors. Use it if you accidentally delete or move a file. Change your mind? Hit Ctrl + Y to redo it again in microseconds.

Close a Program, Window, or Tab

Use Ctrl + W to close the current window or tab without your fingers leaving the keyboard. It’s perfect to hide Amazon when the boss walks into your office on Prime Day or Cyber Monday.

Want to go back to what you were doing without skipping a beat or missing a sale? Hit Ctrl + Shift + T to open your most recently closed tab.

Close a program or app using Alt + F4. That’s one you don’t want to hit accidentally, because the Ctrl + Z command doesn’t work for this one.

Choose a Tab Fast

Also helpful for switching tabs quickly is hitting Ctrl + Tab while you’re in a browser to allow you to flip to the next tab. Use Ctrl + Shift + Tab to go backwards.

Use Alt + Tab or Alt + Shift + Tab to do the same with individual windows rather than browser tabs.

Want to choose a tab without all that flipping? Click Ctrl plus the number of the tab to go to that tab. So, Ctrl + 3 takes you to the third tab open on your screen. Ctrl + 9 takes you to the last tab in your browser — even if it’s tab number 6,593,422 instead of, you know, nine.

Hide Your Browser History

If you want to be sure you’re hiding your internet shopping history from that boss, you can go incognito in Chrome by hitting Ctrl + Shift + N. Use Ctrl + Shift + P in Firefox or Internet Explorer.

Get to Your Desktop Faster

Use Windows Key + D to minimize all your tabs and programs in seconds.

Know the Shortcut of All Shortcuts

Want to create a shortcut to open a program with two keystrokes? Right-click the shortcut to any application in Windows, select “properties,” and look for the field that says “shortcut key” to enter any unused keystroke combination to launch the program without using your mouse, touchpad, or touchscreen.

Try Our Tips Today

Keeping your fingers on your keyboard instead of moving to the mouse or touchscreen saves time. Try these tips and shortcuts to make your sessions in front of the screen more efficient and productive.


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