5 Tricks for Creating a Password You Will Actually Remember

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By now, most of us understand the rules for creating strong internet passwords: Use a mix of upper- and lower-case letters. Include numbers and special characters. Make it easy for you to remember, but hard for others to guess.

That last part — creating a password you will actually remember — can get tricky. Follow these five tricks to create a collection of passwords for all your important accounts.

1. Choose a Phrase Instead of a Word

Instead of choosing a password, some people prefer a passphrase, a collection of words that go together. You can choose a quote from a favorite book or movie, or an inspirational phrase.

  • HaveFunStormingTheCastle
  • DontForgetYourTowel
  • SheThoughtSheCouldSoSheDid

You could also use the title of a favorite movie or book, like, “HitchhikersGuidetotheGalaxy.” Then, ramp up the security by substituting some of the letters for numbers or special characters so the book title becomes, “H1tchhiker$Guid3t0theGalaxy.”

2. Get Lyrical

If you find your favorite quote, book, or movie title isn’t long enough, you might pick favorite song lyrics as a password. These phrases will be easier to remember because you’ll find yourself singing them in your head. Substitute numbers and characters for some letters to meet password requirements, and use commas for line breaks in the song.

3. Create a Formula

Some experts recommend using a “person-object-action” sequence to create strong passwords. Choose three unrelated words that, ideally, mean something to you. You may want to add a sequence of numbers, such as your favorite year or the year of a significant event in your life, to the end. Examples may include:

  • JenniferHorseSleep2011
  • JackCakeDrive2001
  • TomFalcon1972

These are good, but what about using special characters to make the passwords more complex? Convert some of the letters into special characters or simply tack on a few, such as dollar signs or hashtags, at the end of the phrase or between each word.

You don’t even have to use a person-object-action. You can get more specific and use a fruit, car, and animal, or any collection of three items. Follow the same formula for each password, just choosing different words.

4. Use the First Letter of Each Word in a Phrase

For a twist on the passphrase method, you could use just the first letter of each word in a favorite phrase. You’ll just need to make sure the phrase has at least 8 words to meet the minimum length requirements for a strong password.

5. Beef Up Your Password with Extra Numbers and Letters

You’ve picked the first letters of the words in a phrase you’ll remember, but it’s still not long enough. What now? Adding the current year or exclamation points is a common choice and easy to guess. Instead, add two alternating random letters next to each other on the keyboard, like “jkjkjk.” You can also add a number and the special character above it, accessed by hitting the shift key: “5%5%.” Now you just have to remember which letter you chose.

When all else fails, consider using a secure password manager to help you manage your passwords. You should still use these tips to create the strongest passwords possible, but password management apps make it easy to access all your online accounts through your Consolidated Communications WiFi connection without struggling to remember your passwords.


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