10 Fun and Educational YouTube Channels for Kids

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As students, teachers, and parents fall into a rhythm of homeschooling and distance learning, children may be starting to complete their assignments more quickly and with less parental guidance. This is good news, as it means they may have more free time. It might also mean you’re looking for activities to keep them busy while you work remotely or scramble to get chores done around the house.   

If you and your kids already have a handle on mandated lesson plans, you may be looking for fun and enriching videos that will get them away from video games or mindless entertainment for a little while.

Using your Consolidated Communications wireless Internet connection and any mobile device, computer, or internet-connected smart TV, your kids can tune into these fun and educational YouTube shows.

SciShow Kids

SciShow Kids is a favorite of kids and grown-ups alike. Each episode delves into questions kids may ask about the world around them. It’s easy to find shows targeted to your children’s interests, as the channel is divided into segments like, “Let’s Go To Space,” “Awesome Animals,” and “Super Simple Machines.” Shows that include experiments offer hands-on fun for your budding scientist.

Mr. Nicky’s World History Songs

Mr. Nicky’s World History Songs isn’t a new channel, and it doesn’t have a ton of material. But the songs do complement middle school social studies’ curricula as students learn remotely during the pandemic. The lively and talented Mr. Nicky sings about ancient times in Greece, Rome, Mesopotamia, and more with catchy tunes that help students remember facts about these historic civilizations.

The Smithsonian Channel

The Smithsonian Channel is available on YouTube as well as on cable TV through Consolidated Communications. Both the cable TV channel, offered free for a limited time with basic cable, and the YouTube channel offer tons of educational programming for all ages. One of our favorite shows, “Aerial America,” takes viewers on a tour of the United States, region by region. “Light Talks” provides bite-sized information about the world’s most endangered animals and is suitable for most ages.

Peekaboo Kidz

A fun animated channel, Peekaboo Kidz covers topics related to health and science, from the solar system to pollution. Episodes like “How Does Your Immune System Work?” and “Stay Home, Stay Safe,” provide information about the coronavirus pandemic in an easy-to-follow way and can help spark family discussions.

Crash Course Kids

With close to half a million subscribers, the science-focused channel Crash Course Kids has great content for middle school and older elementary age students. Most videos are around three minutes, delivering a “crash course” on concepts like the properties of matter or how the food chain works.

The Khan Academy

Need help with common core math or reading/ELA? Many teachers recommend Khan Academy videos to supplement classroom instruction. For parents trying to homeschool during the pandemic, these videos can be a lifesaver, although they probably aren’t something your children will tune into during leisure time. It may help to ask your children’s teachers for advice on which videos cover the material your children were learning in school and are now completing remotely.

Art for Kids Hub

Art teachers often use Art for Kids Hub to supplement classroom instruction. If you’re looking for an activity kids can do independently, introduce them to this channel. They can learn how to draw animals, houses, a Mother’s Day card, Star Wars characters, and even Sonic the Hedgehog. After they’ve doodled the ’90s video game icon, you can plan a family movie night and catch the new release On Demand. 

National Geographic Kids

National Geographic Kids offers more than 930 videos that help children explore the world around them from the comfort of home. Some of our favorite shows on the channel include “Weird But True,” which covers everything from camel races to the coral reef, and “Destination World,” an exploration of the Earth’s continents.


Whether you’d like your kids to learn some meditation techniques to better cope with the uncertain world around us right now, or they just need some songs to get the wiggles out, GoNoodle delivers. Try dancing and singing along to Pop See Ko or Milkshake for family fun.

Cosmic Kids Yoga

Cosmic Kids Yoga features hundreds of yoga instructional videos for kids ages 3 and up. A special section designed for tweens and older kids seeks to teach lessons about positive thinking and staying calm through engaging storytelling. Dynamic and colorful, these yoga lessons are perfect for parents and kids to do together.

Whether your child needs a boost in math, wants to learn more about science, or needs some physical fitness activities to stay busy during the pandemic, you’ll find all the entertainment and enrichment you need through your Consolidated Communications wireless Internet connection or your cable TV subscription.


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