Pass the Time with a Watch Party

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Pass the Time with a Watch Party

Settling in for a “Friends” marathon but tired of watching alone? An online watch party using your Consolidated Communications wireless Internet connection could be just what you need to beat the “binge-watching in self-isolation blues.”

One of the easiest platforms to start or join a watch party is YouTube. Plus, you can view a wide range of movies and TV shows through the platform. Many are free, but others carry a small fee. You can stream them on any Internet-enabled device, from your smartphone to a smart TV.

So, how do you launch a watch party?

3 Ways to Start a Watch Party

There are multiple options to host a YouTube Watch party. Some let you chat with friends while others offer audio and video options to see your friends, delivering more of a real-life party experience. We will go over a few of the more common platforms here. Note that these common apps are third-party platforms and not affiliated with YouTube or other services, including Consolidated Communications.

Using YouTube Party Plus for a Watch Party

YouTube Party Plus is a Chrome browser extension that allows you to watch shows on YouTube at the same time as friends and communicate via the on-screen chatbox. Here’s how to get it:

1. Download the Chrome browser. If you don’t already have Chrome, you’ll need to install it on your device.

2. Go to the Chrome web store and download YouTube Party Plus. Once you’ve downloaded the extension, you will see an icon to “launch a watch party” each time you start viewing a YouTube video. Click the icon and follow the prompts to create a room.

3. Give your friends the code to join the room. Once they click “open video,” you can all enjoy the show together and share your thoughts and reactions.

How to Start a Watch Party Using TwoSeven

TwoSeven is a browser extension available for Chrome or Firefox, giving you more flexibility to include all your family and friends in your watch party, regardless of browser preference.

Again, you’ll need one of those two browsers, and you’ll need to download the extension from the respective store. After that’s done, follow these steps.

1. Create an account and verify it through your email. Unlike YouTube Watch Party Plus, you’ll need an account to host or join a party.

2. Find the video you want to watch through your browser. You can watch videos on YouTube or through other services. Just visit the web page for the video of your choice.

3. Click the TwoSeven extension. Once you do this, you’ll find a list of videos that match the selection you made on the web page. Choose the right video by looking at the length of the video. TwoSeven will open a new browser window with the video set to play.

4. Invite friends. Use the TwoSeven extension to invite friends to your party via email.

How to Start a Watch Party through Zoom, Skype, or Other Video Conferencing Software

If you have enough bandwidth through your home wireless internet connection, one of the easiest ways to host a watch party is to invite friends into a video conference chat through Skype, Zoom, or your favorite video chat software.

The person hosting the party can play the movie or TV show on their screen, then share the screen with the other participants. You’ll be able to talk via chat messages or video and see each other’s reactions throughout the video.

Amp Up Your Watch Party Excitement with a Theme

Getting a group together to watch new releases or favorite classic shows is a great way to spend a weekend in quarantine. Level up the fun by setting a theme for the evening and suggesting everyone choose snacks and beverages to match.

You could even dress as your favorite characters — an especially fun idea if your group likes to watch science fiction, fantasy, or cartoons.

Whether you decide to go all-out with a theme or just pass the time bingeing old sitcoms together, a watch party can bring your friends and family closer during this time of social distancing and physical separation. Consolidated Communications will help you keep in touch with the ones you care about through your wireless internet connection.


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