Five Ways to Help Keep Burglars at Bay While You’re Away

Author: Julie Foster - MarCom/Wednesday, December 7, 2016/Categories: Home Security

The only thing you should have to be concerned about when you’re traveling for the holidays is making it safely to your destination. You shouldn’t have to worry about whether your home is protected while you’re gone. A home security system is a great start, but MONI Smart Security recommends some steps you can take to help make sure that everything’s OK when you return.

Keep a low profile

It’s fun to let everyone know on social media that you’ll be traveling. But posting status updates or photos can be a signal to potential burglars that they’ll have a successful trip through your home if they stop by. Save it for when you get home.

Let the neighbors know

Encourage your neighbors to keep an eye out for anything unusual. Tell them who might be coming by to feed the pets or water the plants. But also let them know that nobody has your permission to climb through a window.

Limit access

You’ve always known that your smartphone is versatile, but it will do more than just arm or disarm your home alarm system. When someone needs access to the house, use smart-home technology to unlock the door, and then lock it again when they’re gone.

Don’t give out spare keys. Instead, provide access codes and alerts that are specific to an individual, such as a pet caregiver or a housekeeper. That way, you can track their arrival and departure, making sure that everybody’s following the routine.

Make it look like you’re home

In a 2013 survey of more than 400 incarcerated burglars by the University of North Carolina at Charlotte, nearly 55 percent said that if a house appears to be occupied – such as when lights were on inside – they would likely reconsider it as  a potential target. That’s because burglars hate it when someone’s home.

Old-school timers are the traditional way to control lights, but they typically require a pre-set schedule. It’s easier to manage lights remotely with your smartphone from almost anywhere, turning them off and on whenever you want. You can keep burglars off-balance, and it comes in handy even when you’re not on the road.

Use the power of video

Video may be the most useful tool of all for reassuring you that everything’s OK. There’s nothing like being able to check out your home in real-time with home video surveillance cameras. With cameras placed at strategic locations inside and outside the house, you can easily use the MONI mobile app to make your smartphone a window into your home.

It’s not just a great way to deter – and possibly identify – burglars. Sometimes it’s just nice to make sure the cats haven’t clawed up the couch.

Video, locks, lights and other smart-home devices are a valuable addition to any home security system. They’ll help keep you secure at home, and also let you enjoy a worry-free holiday if you’re out of town.

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