The Best Time to Buy Anything During the Year

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Did you know that there is a particular time of the year or season which is ideal for the purchase of an item?

This is because the prices remain low during those periods when you compare the prices to other seasons or months in the year. Except for a few items which tend to be in demand throughout the year, like high speed internet service, most are seasonal or cyclical in nature and see a variation in their prices over the year.

Now that the holiday season is over and you have exhausted all your vouchers and promotional offers, does this mean the best time to make purchases is over? Certainly, it isn’t. For example, January is considered the best time to buy a lot of products since just after the holiday season, the demand for a lot of items decrease and lower demand brings down the prices.

If you plan your purchases perfectly, you can make substantial savings, especially on pricey investments, which in a way increases your discretionary spending capacity further.

The Best Time to Buy a Product in a Year:


  • Boats: Although it makes sense to buy a boat in any of the three months of the first quarter, it makes even more sense to do it in January itself when demand for almost everything goes down. People are also short on cash and can’t afford luxury items and big investments! Now may be the time for a smart shopper like you to sneak in and buy last year’s top model!
  • Clothes: If you are a budget-minded buyer, you could take full advantage of the big discounts most clothing lines and big chains announce in January. It wouldn’t be a bad idea to buy winter clothes for this year and the year beyond in January.   
  • Furniture: Although most prefer to update the drapes, carpets and furniture in their house before the holiday season, you could get a much better deal if you can hold off your purchase until January when these items are at a better price. 
  • HVAC- For most states in the U.S., January is an off season for gas grills and air conditioners and if you are not looking for a range of choices or the latest models, it makes sense to buy your coolers in the first quarterly season of sales.


  • TV and Home theatres: Pre-Super Bowl sales are big, especially for televisions. Now is a great time to take the plunge.
  • Cellphones: Many cellphone makers lower their prices slightly, especially on old and outgoing models, in keeping with the spirit of Valentine’s Day.


  • Luggage: Many holidaymakers fly out in the summer and even in the spring. This is a good time to buy extra luggage taking advantage of the drop in prices.
  • Chocolates and frozen food: Although chocolates are consumed throughout the year, there is a spike just before Valentine’s Day in February and return back to normal in March. March is celebrated as the National Frozen Food month and hence, you get discounts on a variety of frozen food items.


  • Electronics: Just before the spring season when fresh stocks and supplies enter the inventory of shops, sellers try to lure buyers one last time with a heavy discount and amazing promotional offers.
  • Sneakers, gym accessories and workout clothes: Summer is the time, when even the most laidback want to go out for a brisk walk, a workout session or go out to enjoy an outdoor game. Before the pace of business goes up frantically, April is a good time to buy your favorite sneaker or apparel from your favorite sports brand store.


  • Refrigerators: The new season for refrigerators starts in May and new models are introduced. Hence, just before the start of the season, prices on old models are the lowest.
  • Condiments, ice-creams, popsicles, and frozen pies, hot dogs and burgers: During summer, the demand for these items is the highest. Many marketers incentivize the buyers to buy them in large quantities and refill their stocks just before the peak season.
  • Office furniture: Prices of office furniture is low after the tax day and is a good time to look at deals.


  • Dishware, cutlery and wedding gifts: With the wedding season on in Spring, marketers offer special discounts for people to buy them at competitive prices.
  • Tools: With Father’s Day round the corner, power tools and kits become much more affordable.
  • Women’s undergarments: It is the best time to buy your lingerie, bras and undergarments because the prices of these items remain muted.


  • Computers and software products: With new sessions starting in schools, there is a rush for computers and associated products in July. Just before the start of the season, there is a temporary lull and should be targeted for best deals.
  • Furniture: July is a stock clearance month before the new season and the prices remain low.
  • Video games: July remains a preferable time to buy new games and old ones after they have been launched a few months back and you can get them for big discounts.


  • Nutritious breakfast food items like cereals, energy bars, drinks, tea, cookies and bottled water: With the mercury rising, people tend to be careful about what they eat, especially in the first meal of the day. Prices remain lower during the hot summer months.
  • School and office supplies: School and office supply sellers give a heavy sale in August. September prices also remain low as sellers try to get rid of the leftovers. This is because the back-to-school season kicks in.
  • Swimwear: As the summer retreats and a little chill dangles in the air, swimwear sales go down and as a result, the prices go down as well. It is a good time to buy them.


  • Appliances and electronic goods: Except for refrigerators, most new models come out in September and October. This is a good time to pick up the old models for reduced prices.
  • Cars and bikes: The riding season ends in September. Prices of old bikes are reduced. New car models are introduced in September and October in general and hence is the best time for value-minded customers to buy an old model for a lot less.
  • Grills: With the summer season over and the time for barbeques having receded, grill prices come down crashing. If you are a smart buyer, you would love this season.
  • Air tickets and hotels: If you have locked your travel dates in the holiday season, you should book your flights and accommodation as well. You can expect amazing discounts if you buy them 2-3 months prior to the actual date of travel.


  • Cookware and kitchen products: Holiday offers start as early as October and cooking and kitchen accessories remain beneficiaries of this season. Prices are reduced to induce buyers.
  • Digital cameras: New models start getting introduced in the market from September end and it is a great time to buy old models for reasonable prices.
  • Seafood: With the holiday around, hoteliers and ordinary people start buying seafood cans in large quantities. Marketers keep the prices down to lure them in.


  • Readymade dough, cake mix, nuts, turkey: As you start eagerly waiting for Thanksgiving in the fourth week of November, bakers start buying a lot of ingredients and items that make the Thanksgiving dinner special! Prices are kept low.
  • Electronics: Black Friday and Cyber Monday sales mean the prices of electronic items are really low and affordable for most.
  • Tools: If you need tools for the DIY winter home upgrades and repairs, this is the best time to buy the tools.


  • Electronics and computer: Best time buy models that were introduced this year in September and October at discounted rates. Buying older models would attract heavier discounts.
  • Champagne: Since the demand is at an all-time high, the prices become competitive. It makes sense to buy an expensive bottle of champagne in December.
  • Golf season: Since this is traditionally considered an off-season, golf clubs are available for low prices.

Although the compiled list is big, it isn’t exhaustive. There are other items which may be cheaper at certain periods of the year or special sales that keep happening throughout the year. Keep a close eye on the online advertisements and those on outdoor media and electronic media. Planning your purchases beforehand makes a lot of financial sense.

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