Internet Pop-ups: What are They, and How Do I Stop Them?

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In the world of cutting edge digital marketing trends where every business is trying to carve its niche in the market by enhancing its online presence, it is us, the consumers who get to witness the various marketing antics while we are trying to steal some peaceful and liberating time on the Internet. For instance, in the middle of our search for some serious information or a fun video on the World Wide Web we come across a series of pop-up ads that not only break the continuity of our viewing, but also waste a lot of our precious time in getting rid of them. So what exactly are these Internet pop-ups that keep showing up on the various websites? Have a look!

What are Internet pop-up ads?

A pop-up on the Internet is basically an advertisement that shows up on the top of a new browser window in order to capture the attention of the viewers and lure them into clicking on them. It is one the several online marketing strategies that businesses often use for attracting potential customers and driving more traffic to their websites. These pop-up ads can appear in several formats including game like animations, standalone websites, ads on sponsored webpages and so on. A pop-up window can be found in all kinds of shapes and sizes with minimize, maximize and close functionalities integrated in them.

What are the latest trends in the pop-up industry?

Regardless of how unpopular they are among the web surfers, pop-up ads are gaining a steady momentum due to the fact that they act as a strong marketing tool for the businesses to reach out to new customers and build brand awareness. Annoying as they might seem, these ads are not going to stop ‘popping up’ on your web searches anywhere in the near future.

How do you stop the pop-ups?

For all our avid readers who have been experiencing major issues with unwarranted spam pop-ups that are both terribly annoying and also hazardous for your computer, here are a few ways in which you can stop them from reoccurring:

  • You first need to enable the pop-up blocking functionality of your browser. Click on ‘Tools’ and then on ‘Options,’ and then select ‘Privacy’ settings. You will find a Block Pop-ups option on the Privacy window that you to need to check. This will enable a default setting on your computer that will automatically block any pop-ups that are detected on a particular browser window.
  • You can also choose a pop-up blocker extension for your browser to enhance its pop-up detection functionality. Some of the most widely used pop-up blocker extensions are NoScript, Flashblock, Popper Blocker, Adblock Plus and many more.
  • If you still find that your browser is unable to screen out all the pop-ups, you can download and install a pop-up blocker software (free or paid), such as, the Smart Popup Blocker, AdFender, Popup Ad Smasher or Popup Purger Pro to provide more comprehensive security against ads that just won’t get blocked by conventional means.

Just keep in mind that no matter what these pop-up ads might claim, it is an immutable fact that they are being used by the businesses solely as a tool for monetization. A chunk of these pop-up ads are not only composed of spam messages, but also are strategically camouflaged viruses and malware just waiting to be unleashed upon your computer system.


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