Top Apps for Your Summer Vacation

Author: Julie Foster - MarCom/Thursday, May 25, 2017/Categories: Tech Tips & Gadgets

Summer is here and there’s always one thing on everybody’s mind during this season – a vacation. Most of us folks need a break from our hectic lives and anxiously await a new adventure.

Summer vacations might be fun, but preparing for them can sometimes be a chore. You need to make hotel reservations, book your flight tickets, and generally, manage things well enough to make sure nothing goes wrong.

Fortunately, now our problems can be solved with the fastest internet service and a touch of a button on a screen. It’s the era of apps and guess what? There are apps dedicated specifically towards travel planning. With these apps, your summer vacation planning and preparation will turn into an absolute delight.

To make your job even easier, we’ve come up with a list of the best travel apps in the market right now. Take a look, download and plan the best summer vacation trip ever!


As we already mentioned earlier, the best vacation is the one that's been planned out. The benefits are of planning can potentially save you time and money. TripAdvisor is an app that helps you meet those exact objectives.

It provides users with a ton of information on restaurants, local attractions, and accommodation options. Plus, there are reviews and tips from other users who have been to the same destination. This makes your job of researching about the place much easier.


Gas Buddy will help you find the closest and cheapest gas prices in and around your location. This is great if you are doing a driving vacation, or have a rental vehicle to get around.

This app has been designed very user friendly. All you have to do is tap the nearest option shown on the screen and GasBuddy will guide you to it using the Google map.


Packing is a big deal, and often, it’s done better with a little help. That’s exactly what PackPoint aims for – to help alleviate your packing woes.

For instance, the app tells you what to pack depending on the kind of trip you’re taking. Not only will it offer a checklist based on your trip it’ll even tell you how much of each item you need depending on the duration of your trip.  

PackPoint also looks at the weather forecast for your travel destination and offers suggestions on what you might have to carry. 

Packing Pro

Packing Pro is another great travel app that helps you create custom travel checklists. There are very thorough preset lists, which reduce the need for you to make your own entries.

It also comes with an organization function.  For example, the app will remind you to get traveler’s insurance or update your passport if you haven’t checked the item off your to-do list.


TripIt is a popular travel app that basically functions as a single hub for all your travel items. What it basically does is that it allows you to view all your travel-related stuff, such as flight tickets, itineraries, hotel bookings and/or car rentals, via a single display. 

The benefit is that you don’t have to keep checking each item separately. All the information you need is displayed on the same page. For example, you don’t have to look for flight number and reservation separately. TripIt will show you both simultaneously. 

Other than that, it lets you know if you can upgrade to a better seat, offers to share your itinerary with loved ones, and so on.

There you have it! Download these apps and make your summer vacation a 'breeze'.


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