Network Maps

The core of our service is extensive fiber networks spanning five regions with unique reach in key outstate serving areas and community access rings in major business centers.

Fiber-Based Transport

Consolidated Communications operates more than 14,172 miles of self-healing, physically diverse fiber network throughout five regions.

Access Services

We are interconnected with regional and national carriers, ILECs and CLECs and pride ourselves on being a cost-effective alternative access provider.

Network Operations Center

Our network is monitored 24x7x365 by experienced technical operators who can answer your questions and provide assistance.

At Consolidated Communications, we excel at engineering custom fiber builds and last mile connections.

We work with each customer to establish custom contract terms for a secure exchange of detailed network information and we provide outstanding consultative support to leverage our capabilities.

  • RouteĀ diverse fiber-based system with DWDM, MPLS, Layer 2 Ethernet and Sonet-based services supporting bandwidths up to 100GĀ 
  • Extensive colocations at LEC Central Offices in both rural and metro markets
  • Custom engineering of end-to-end transport solutions
  • Flexible service level agreements and contract terms to suit your requirements
  • Quality 24x7x365 support through our Network Operations Center
  • Financially secure, public company with a long-standing track record