Benefits of Wholesale E-Line

Consolidated Communications’ E-Line services are designed to provide the security, scalability and reliability the wholesale market demands, with speeds up to a robust 100 Gbps. We combine that with a Class of Service (CoS) capability that allows you to prioritize traffic based on the needs of your applications, flexible port options and Service Level Agreements (SLA) for peace of mind.

Details About Wholesale E-Line

Our E-Line services deliver the same consistent reliability and security of private line connections, but with the flexibility to tailor service requirements to specific locations.

We offer two E-line solutions to keep your data and applications performing.

Ethernet Private Line (EPL) - Provides a dedicated, point-to-point connection to our fiber network. Data is routed over a private network — not the open Internet — for higher quality and added security. Each circuit requires a Customer Premise Equipment (CPE) port.

Ethernet Virtual Private Line (EVPL) - Delivers a dedicated, point-to-multipoint solution, enabling you to connect your network to multiple locations while utilizing fewer CPE ports than conventional solutions. You get improved efficiencies and a single, easily managed solution in place across your network.