Quality and Affordable Solutions for Carrier/IXC

As an IXC, you’ve got to carefully manage costs while delivering the highest quality service experience to your customers. It isn’t easy. That’s why we offer direct connectivity to most of the businesses in the markets we serve, along with a variety of tariffed and non-tariffed options to help you create connections and solutions that work for you and your customers.

We leverage a fast and reliable network, with speeds up to 100G, to deliver a comprehensive range of affordable data and voice communications services.


  • Leverage the power of our Carrier Ethernet Service network

Special Access Services:

  • Dedicated point-to-point connection that can transmit multiple streams of information
  • Connect an end-user customer and a carrier or two end–user customer locations

SONET Rings:

  • Create a dedicated high-capacity private customized network
  • Opt for a diversely routed ring architecture to allow for point-to-point optical and high-capacity special access services of different bandwidths to be multiplexed on or off of the ring

Optical Solutions:

  • Scalable, dependable and cost-effective
  • Simplified infrastructure reduces operational costs, training and network management
  • Wide range of bandwidth options; purchase only the bandwidth you need

For more information about our services and pricing for Carriers/IXCs, contact your Wholesale Account Manager or Contact Us.