Tower & Small Cell Backhaul Solutions for Wireless Carriers

Whether you need backhaul solutions to connect your macro towers to your network or a small cell backhaul solution, Wireless Carriers can count on Consolidated Communications for the services and experience to meet their connectivity needs.

We leverage a fast and reliable network, with speeds up to 100G, to deliver a comprehensive range of affordable data and voice communications services.

Tower Backhaul Services:

  • Best-in-class macro-tower support
  • Customer-specific solutions using E-line and Wave services
  • Praised as being “best in class” in implementation and turn-up by one of our largest wireless carrier customers

Small Cell Backhaul Services:

  • Scalable wireless cell-site solutions to the smaller in size but more numerous micro/ small cell locations
  • Multiple service tiers and options to offer Wireless Carriers a perfect balance between size, value and performance

Special Access Services:

  • Dedicated point-to-point connection that can transmit multiple streams of information
  • Connect Wireless Carriers to their towers or small cell transmitters in virtually any location served by Consolidated Communications

For more information about our services and pricing for Wireless Carriers, contact your Wholesale Account Manager or Contact Us.