We are changing lives across rural America as Consolidated Communications brings fiber broadband service to individuals, families and communities in some of the most remote areas in the country. One of my greatest joys is hearing directly from our customers and seeing the

impact of this change firsthand.

  • The family who can live in an idyllic small town without having to compromise on their employment opportunities.
  • The small business owner who can seamlessly care for his customers and grow his business through new online sales opportunities.
  • The coastal town’s city manager who is seeing new entrepreneurship interest in his community.

Every story reinforces what we have long known: fiber internet changes lives.

In 2023, we continued our mission to expand access to broadband, building fiber to an additional 228,000 homes and businesses across our service area. We partnered with more than 70 towns to date and, built thousands of miles of fiber infrastructure over the last year. All told, we’ve built more than 1 million fiber passings, and we’re not done yet.

As we execute on our fiber-first company strategy, we’re also continuing our journey to be a just and responsible company. Our long-term commitment to responsibility includes:

  • Serving and improving our communities by enhancing broadband infrastructure, volunteering and sharing company resources.
  • Building an inclusive work culture that embraces differences and recognizes the importance of diversity.
  • Promoting good health and building workplaces where employees are safe and free from discrimination and harassment. 
  • Being honest, ethical and fair in all our business practices; we are committed to promoting human rights; and we partner with vendors and suppliers who adhere to our high standards.
  • Striving to protect our customer’s privacy, data and personal information as if it were our own.
  • Advocating for our customers, employees and stakeholders on important legislative matters.
  • Working to minimize our impact on the environment.
The future is bright at Consolidated and we’re proud to build America’s fiber future.

Building America's fiber future

Consolidated Communications is building the fiber infrastructure that brings new opportunities to rural America. The results are in, and better access to better internet improves lives, opens new doors and enriches rural communities. In 2023, we invested $512 million to maintain connectivity and deliver better broadband services to unserved or underserved people in rural communities throughout our service areas.

As part of our multi-year plan to deliver fiber to the home to more than 70% of the company’s service area, Consolidated completed approximately 228,000 fiber upgrades in 2023. This expansion included significant company investments and additional funding from grants at the federal, state and local levels, and funding from the Rural Digital Opportunities Fund (RDOF).

Partnership with local communities is crucial to successfully bridge the digital divide, and we’re leading the way with a successful track record. In 2023, Consolidated Communications’ projects in Maine, New Hampshire and Vermont were awarded $102 million in grant funding. Along with our own investment, these grant funds help us extend fiber infrastructure to some of our country’s most rural areas.