Consolidated Communications turns technology into solutions that transform how people work, live and connect to the world. We do this by carrying out our mission every day, connecting people with fast and reliable broadband solutions. Our role as a leading fiber-to-the-home, business and wholesale broadband service provider in the markets we serve is strengthening communities by connecting people to critical health services, educational resources and social, professional and economic opportunities. Our commitment to the communities and customers we serve runs deep, and more than a century in many communities. We care deeply about providing consumers and businesses with better broadband service and being a good neighbor and steward of our shared natural resources.  


Guided by our core values – Integrity First; People Make the Difference; Deliver a Better Customer Experience; and Evolve and Constantly Improve – we continue to advance our work, finding new efficiencies, new opportunities to expand broadband access and delivering a best-in-class experience to all our customers.  


As a leading provider across more than 20 states, the role in the communities Consolidated serves has never been more important. During the past year, we have forged new partnerships with communities to bring fiber broadband services to some of the hardest-to-reach rural service areas.   

Every day, we carry out this commitment with a local and global focus by ensuring:

We are proud to serve our customers, business partners, investors and communities as responsible corporate citizens with respect for the planet, its people and the environment.

Our company values and principles inspire us to be a good neighbor, deliver the most reliable services and products, and connect people in all that we do, every day. In doing so, we are delivering on our commitment to turn technology into solutions by connecting people and enriching how our customers work and live.