How Technology Supports Business Continuity

Author: Kelley Donald - MarCom/Monday, August 3, 2020/Categories: Business Internet

Home Business Internet Plans Make Remote Work Easier

The pandemic brought into homes a plethora of devices using bandwidth at all hours. Children completed school work on netbooks and filled their downtime with video games and television. Fortunately, robust home internet plans from Consolidated Communications made it possible for workers to hold Zoom meetings, log into virtual servers, and conduct business simultaneously — all without leaving their kitchen table.

Without the appropriate home business bandwidth, we could not have relied so heavily on technology to keep learning, working, and living through the quarantine. Even businesses not deemed essential kept operations running by managing a remote workforce, powered by home business internet plans and supported by technology like smartphones and cloud computing.

Shops Stay in Business Thanks to Their Business ISP

As all retail outlets, as well as restaurants, closed due to the quarantine, businesses with an online presence immediately adopted online sales. Likewise, restaurants set up websites or services capable of managing take-out and delivery.

Thanks to a solid business ISP, restaurants and stores across the country were able to keep money flowing in through takeout orders and online sales. All they needed was a secure business wifi service and the means to deliver or ship.

Robust Business Broadband Makes Unified Communications Possible

As businesses continue to employ remote workers and in-office employees, Unified communications (UC) becomes more important than ever so employees can transition between workspaces with ease.

UC brings together business wifi service with business phone deals to create a seamless experience that allows employees to transition from home to the office. This is not possible without an effective UC platform and a business ISP that can accommodate cloud computing, video conferencing, and other business needs.

Turn Your Business “Touchless” with Voice Activated Control Systems

Since keeping businesses open relies on reducing the spread of germs that can transmit COVID-19, the novel coronavirus, many companies are looking for ways to reduce the surfaces people touch.

Installing a commercial-grade control system with voice activation can help authorized employees adjust the thermostat, open and close blinds, and even control audio-visual systems without touching a control pad or touchscreen.

These control system devices live on the network, so you’ll want to make sure your business ISP supports the bandwidth you require to create an office space that exceeds minimum requirements for safety.

Touchless Transactions Make Retail Easier

As businesses grapple with remote work policies and work to ensure their employees have the necessary tools that include home business internet plans to accommodate new work-from-home procedures, retail venues have business continuity challenges, too.

Digital wallets and services like Apple Pay enable touchless technology to avoid spreading germs at point-of-sale kiosks. A rock-solid business ISP enables these transactions to happen without worries of the internet going down.

Embrace Your Business ISP to Keep Your Company Going

Whatever sector you’re in, technology can help with business continuity. Your business ISP helps by giving you the technology you need to manage remote workers and keep your company up and running as we explore this “new normal” of social distancing.


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