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Even though today’s smart TVs come with their own built-in apps, there’s still plenty of value to be gained from owning a separate video streaming device. The streaming device of your choice can offer functionality and flexibility to access your favorite live or on-demand shows and movies. You can expand your TV Everywhere and streaming TV services beyond your phone, laptop or tablet. When paired with a CCI traditional TV or streaming TV subscription, a streaming device can bring the entertainment experience to the big-screen TV anywhere in the home, including non-wired locations such as the basement or guest room.   

With a plethora of devices on the market, it’s hard to judge which option is best suited to match your individual needs and budget. To help cut through the noise and find the best device for your preferences, here’s a look at the most popular streaming devices currently available.

Apple TV

Apple TV is one of the most recognized names in video streaming, and it’s keeping up with the times. The device now offers 4K resolution, matching most of the other leading streaming devices on the market. At $180, Apple TV carries a premium price tag, but delivers a slick user experience. Apple users can take advantage of iOS device Airplay and Siri voice remote features. The Apple TV is best for Apple users who want the best quality viewing experience.

Amazon Fire

Amazons Fire streaming device line offers a few different models starting at just $39.99. It features Amazon’s personal assistant software, Alexa, and offers remote-free control of a range of supported entertainment devices. The Fire app can turn Fire, Android, or iOS devices into an Alexa remote. Higher-end models support 4K content delivery for a premium experience. Amazon Fire streaming devices are best for users who own Alexa personal assistant devices and prefer purchase options based on budget and features.


Roku has the most streaming device options with prices starting at just $29.99. They are also highly portable and can be plugged into any TV with an HDMI port. 4K is supported on higher-end models. Another bonus is that Roku devices play nicely with both Android and Apple devices.

For users looking for a device that offers a more next-gen feel, the Roku may be a bit of a disappointment. It lacks the sleek experience of Apple TV and the additional voice-activated features of Amazon Fire devices.

Roku devices are best for users wanting the most diverse purchase options and who may have mixed device households.

Google Chromecast

Like the Roku, Google Chromecast devices are high-powered streaming devices that provide exceptional streaming service—if you’re pairing it with an Android device. If you have Apple or other non-Android devices, your streaming capabilities will be more limited, since an Apple device can only stream to a Chromecast when the mobile app being used supports Chromecast devices.

That said, Chromecast offers all the bells and whistles most Android device owners want. If you don’t have an Android phone or tablet, however, you’re probably better off opting for a device that’s more tech-agnostic and won’t limit your streaming services.

When choosing the right streaming device, it’s smart to consider your own streaming usage to determine which services and features are most important to your video experience and which devices you already own. Don’t select a streaming device because everyone else says it’s the best. Make sure you’re choosing the solution that best serves your own individual interests and needs. Once you choose your streaming device, be sure to take advantage of your CCI traditional or streaming TV subscription to get your shows and movies on the big-screen TV. Simply download your favorite network or streaming TV service apps to your streaming device, authenticate with your CCI account and start streaming!


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