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Keep Americans Connected Pledge

Consolidated Communications Commits to Keep Americans Connected

In March, Consolidated Communications joined other major carriers throughout the nation and signed on to the FCC’s Keep Americans Connected pledge to help residential and small business customers during the coronavirus pandemic.

For the duration of the pledge, which expired on June 30, Consolidated Communications:

  • ensured that all residential or small business customers maintained continuity of voice and data connectivity regardless of their ability to pay their bills due to disruptions caused by the pandemic;
  • waived late fees that any residential or small business customers incurred because of their economic circumstances related to the pandemic; and
  • opened its Wi-Fi hotspots to anyone who needed them.

In addition, Consolidated Communications does not have data caps on broadband Internet services, which means customers working from home or learning remotely don’t have to be concerned about usage caps affecting their ability to perform their jobs or participate in online classes.