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Voicemail User Guide (PDF) 


Your voice messages will reside in your personal "mailbox," which is protected by a passcode. Your system administrator will assign you a temporary passcode to use the first time you access your mailbox. How you call into your mailbox will depend on whether you're calling from the phone with voicemail or not.


From the phone with voicemail:

Dial the access number 701-356-MAIL (701-356-6245).

Enter your four-digit passcode when prompted.


Away from phone with voicemail:

Dial the access number 701-356-MAIL (701-356-6245).

Enter your 10-digit mailbox (telephone) number followed by the * key.

Enter your four-digit passcode when prompted.



User Tutorial

When you access your mailbox for the first time, a user tutorial is automatically activated. This tutorial will guide you through your first mailbox session. It will explain how to record a greeting and your name, and prompt you to change your temporary passcode.



You will be asked to record a greeting that callers will hear when they reach your mailbox.



You will be prompted to record your name so that you can be addressed personally when you call into the system. The system also states your name to callers when they reach your mailbox.



You will always be prompted for your passcode before accessing your mailbox. During the tutorial, you will be prompted to change your passcode to a number with 4 to 10 digits. Please define a passcode that you can remember, but do not select something such as "1234." Your Voicemail is now set up and ready to use.



Using Your Voicemail

When you access your mailbox to retrieve your messages, the system will first tell you how many message you have.


To Play Your Messages - Press 7

If you wish to play the message again, press 7.


To Save Your Messages - Press 5

Saved messages cannot be accessed until you have skipped through your unplayed messages.


To Delete Your Messages - Press 3

If you accidentally delete a message, you can retrieve it by immediately pressing the *.



Changing Your Options

When you first set up your mailbox, you recorded a greeting and your name and selected a passcode. You may change any of these at any time by using the user options menu:


Access the User Options Menu - Press 8

To Change Your Greeting - Press 4

To Re-Record Your Name - Press 6

To Change Your Passcode - Press 7

To Repeat the Tutorial - Press 8


You can go through the user tutorial at any time.