Email Support

Accessing Your Email

Logging in to Email

  1. To access your email, go to
  2. Enter your entire email address (ex.
  3. Enter your password. If you have forgotten your password, click 'Forgot your Password?' You may change your password at any time once you have logged in.
  4. Click 'Log In.'


Accessing Your Email

After successfully logging in at, you will be directed to the INBOX to view your email messages.

  • Clicking once on a message will open an email.

Once a message is open you can:

  • Use the Reply, Reply All, Forward, Delete, or Print buttons
  • Use the ‘More Actions’  button to:
    • Flag a message
    • Add sender to address book
    • Mark a message as unread
  • Add email addresses to your Address book or block a sender
  • You may sort your messages by using the drop down arrow next to the ‘Filter’ box.
    • Answered
    • High Priority
    • Messages with attachments
    • Unanswered
    • View all Messages
    • View flagged messages
    • View unread messages