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Exchange - Removing Users

To remove an Exchange user you need to do so in two different places:

Removing a User from the Spam Filter

Browse to and log in.

After you log in with the admin account you will see the following:

Click on the domain to view settings & users for the domain.

You will then see a list of all of your users that are being filter for spam.

To remove a user, find the one that you wish to remove.

Then click on the Action drop down list, and select delete user.

*You will want to be sure that you also remove that user from the Exchange side as well.*

Removing a User from the Exchange Server

Browse to and log in.

Once you log in you should see the following, click on “Hosted Organizations.”

Then click on the domain:

After clicking on the domain you will see the following, from here you can add/remove you user accounts.

Click on “Users.”

You will then see your user list.

If you wish to delete a user you can pull up your user list and click on the red “x.”