Email Support

Message Options with Email


  1. Click on the pencil icon. If you hover over the pencil, a dialog box will appear showing, "Create a new message."
  2. When finished, hit the Send now button.

Additional Compose Options

  • To save your message as a draft, click the button two from the right of the paper clip. If you hover over the box, an explanation will appear that will describe what each box does.
  • To use Spell Check, click on the button one to the left of the paper clip.
  • To return back to your Inbox, click on the envelope icon.
  • To change your editor type, click on the dropdown arrow at the bottom left of the compose message box. While in HTML editor features include:
    • Bold, italics, underline, and strike through
    • Cut, copy, and paste
    • Hyperlink insertion
    • Left, center, and right justifications
    • Multiple colors, fonts, and texts
    • Preset Headers
    • Signature insertion
    • Superscript and subscript

Check Email

Clicking the refresh button while at the inbox folder will refresh the current folder and get new email.


Click the Drafts tab underneath the folder banner to display any saved emails currently being composed that have yet to be sent.

Sent Email

Click the Sent tab underneath the folder banner to display any email that has been sent.

Deleting Trash

Click on the email you wish to delete, and then press the red circle with the line through it.

Viewing Email Usage

Below the folders location, you can view your email box usage. This area will show you what percentage of your email box is being used. The total amount used is collective of all folders on your account, including your inbox, drafts, sent email, and trash.

Creating a New Folder

At the bottom of the folder tab, click the settings circle, from there click on Manage folders. You will be prompt to a new page. Click on the [+] sign. Name the folder of your choosing. Click Save.

Creating a New Contact

To create a new contact, click on the client card on the top ribbon, next to the envelope.  On the next window, click on the little contact card that has the [+] sign.

Enter the client’s information in the fields you wish complete, and click Save.