The Best Podcasts for Kids

We live in a highly visual world where kids relish “screen time.” That can include anything from YouTube videos of youngsters opening toys to hot cartoons like Peppa Pig and on-screen games.

But today’s best podcasts for kids feature highly engaging content that kids will love—sans the video. Just as old-fashioned radio shows did in their time, today’s podcasts ignite imaginations of a new generation.

So what are some of the best podcasts for kids?

Consolidated Communications dug deep to find the best fun and educational podcasts for kids of all ages.

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To Fall Shows to Make You Miss Summer a Little Less

Summer vacation is over. The kids have gone back to school. You’ve cleared out the shorts and bathing suits to make room for hoodies and tossed those flip flops aside in favor of boots. Now it’s time to relax with a hot spiced apple cider and binge some of the best new shows of fall.

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Back-to-School: 10 Tips for Staying Close with Your College Kids

Long summer days are getting shorter. Stores are promoting back-to-school sales. As our children grow up, those supply lists may change, but some things stay the same: that combination of excitement and trepidation kids face at the start of a new school year.

And guess what?

It doesn’t get better as they get older. College-age students moving away might be just as nervous, in their own way, as those tiny kindergarteners getting on a school bus for the first time.

Fortunately, your Consolidated Communications (CCI) Internet and Wi-Fi make it easier than ever to stay in touch with your littles who are not-so-little anymore.

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Save Space by Scanning Old Photos

When you’re clearing clutter, photos pose a space dilemma. After all, those family memories certainly “spark joy,” as organization expert Marie Kondo says.

There’s not enough space for even the best of the best photos in your home, and those old, dusty photo albums take up lots of space.

The solution? Preserve those precious memories forever by scanning and storing them online. Cloud-based storage — accessible through your Consolidated Communications Internet or Wi-Fi connection and your computer or mobile device — is affordable, secure, reliable and (perhaps best of all) never needs dusting!

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Wireless or Wired Internet: Which is Better for Your Home?

Some people think of WiFi and the Internet in their home as one and the same, but they actually provide separate functions. WiFi keeps our mobile devices wirelessly connected to the Internet, but a wired Internet connection can work in tandem with WiFi service to allow users to get the best performance from multiple devices that connect to the Internet through the “Internet of Things” (IoT).

Whether you have a fully integrated smart home or just a few mobile devices, TVs, and maybe a Google Home™ or Amazon Alexa™ smart speaker, or a home security system, Consolidated Communications (CCI) Internet and high-speed WiFi is the core of your home’s connectivity. 

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