TV at Home



Whether you’re working remotely, making sure your children continue their education from home – or just want to stay entertained during social distancing or quarantine – our Internet, TV and phone service can help.


Telecommuting Services

No matter what’s happening, you need to stay productive – and working from home requires reliable high-speed Internet. That’s why we created telecommuting plans and bundles that keep you connected and operating efficiently.

Learn about our new PJs and Coffee Bundle designed to support remote workers. It combines what you need for work and what you want in entertainment. One of the best things about working or learning from home is that you can do so wearing your pajamas!


Student Support Program

With schools across the country sending students home, it’s more important than ever to ensure that all of our students can stay connected. According to the U.S. Census, an estimated 18 percent of students don’t have Internet access at home, in what has become known as the “homework gap.” Over the past few weeks, Consolidated has assisted hundreds of low-income families of students affected by recent school closings by connecting their homes to the Internet.


Home Entertainment

A lot of us are spending more time at home. There may be more people and more devices around the house. Consolidated is here to help with the dedicated Internet access, TV and reliable phone service to help keep you comfortable and connected to friends and family.

We’ll provide the Internet speed you need to power all your devices. Our high-speed Internet gives you a dedicated connection that doesn’t slow down when your neighbors go online. So you can easily work or study or play games online. Consolidated never caps the amount of data you can use each month and never charges extra based on your usage. Did you know that you can offload your cell phone data usage onto your home network to avoid paying extra on your wireless bill? By switching your phone to your home Wifi network, you can avoid using your mobile data and save money. Check Internet plans and pricing available at your location.

Spending a lot of time at home also means you’ll need TV with options, lots of options. Whether you want to lean back in front of a big-screen in your living room or stream TV on a tablet at the kitchen table, we have a plan that suits your lifestyle, budget and viewing preferences. See TV options available in your area. In addition, many TV content providers are now offering Free Views, giving subscribers complimentary access to additional premium channels and networks to help make social distancing more tolerable. You can also rent In Theater Now movies through Movies on Demand.

Consolidated also offers home phone service to keep people connected to their loved ones or their office. Home phone lines are still important in many rural areas where wireless cell coverage is spotty. Landlines are extremely reliable and reassuring in this unique time. See why a home phone is still relevant.