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Voicemail Settings & User Guides
Click on the Deluxe or Premium Voicemail user guide below to get instructions on setting up your voicemail for the first time, accessing your voicemail, set up your voicemail to receive via email and a dialing guide to review and send messages, record greetings and much more.

Voicemail Web Interface - Access Voicemail Online!

Access your voicemail account from any computer with an Internet connection. Listen to messages on your computer. Create group call lists and schedule greetings and notifications. Redirect fax messages and send voice messages to your email.

  • Access Voicemail Online
  • Voicemail Web Interface User Guide (PDF) - 10 Help Topics for the Voicemail Web Interface:
    • Help Topic #1 - Navigating the Web Interface
    • Help Topic #2 -  Message Management
    • Help Topic #3 -  Greetings Admin
    • Help Topic #4 -  Greetings Schedule
    • Help Topic #5 -  Notifications
    • Help Topic #6 -  Group Lists
    • Help Topic #7 -  Zero Out
    • Help Topic #8 -  Personal Preferences & Mailbox Parameters
    • Help Topic #9 -  Manage Extensions
    • Help Topic #10 -  Save Your Messages to Your Computer