Hurricane Information and Resources

Keeping You Connected During a Storm

When a hurricane is forecast to have a potential effect on your area, trust Consolidated Communications employees to closely monitor the storm and its anticipated impact.

Guided by our emergency preparedness plans and years of industry experience, our dependable fiber network ensures our customers can continue to rely on us, including throughout a severe weather event.

Consolidated’s emergency preparedness plan includes:

  • Ensuring all back-up power supplies and generators are fully operational.
  • Ensuring availability of fuel for fleet and emergency generators for the duration of a storm and its aftermath.
  • Taking inventory of supplies needed for plant and network restoration and supplementing where necessary.
  • Placing emergency network supplies throughout company facilities.
  • Double-checking all safety equipment and supplies are in place.

If a storm does impact service, Consolidated Communications will initiate its Emergency Operations Center in order to support first responders, as our top priority, and take care of customers’ needs and any service issues as quickly as possible.

Affected customers are encouraged to check back here for the latest service updates or contact us at 1.844.YOUR.CCI (1.844.968.7224).

Read more about our emergency preparedness and disaster response plans in advance of severe weather.