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International Long Distance

  1. DESCRIPTION OF LONG DISTANCE SERVICES. CCI will provide Long Distance Services to you as set forth on your order for Long Distance Services under the Agreement or a separate service order for Long Distance Services (a “Service Order”). Each Service Order will identify the scope of the Long Distance Services and/or equipment that is the subject of such Service Order.

    Domestic Outbound 1+ Calling are long distance calls originated by you dialing 1+ area code + seven (7) digit number to locations throughout North America (including all 50 states), Puerto Rico, Guam, Saipan, and US Virgin Islands. Rates include transport and call termination.

    Domestic Inbound 1+ Calling (“Toll Free Services”) are long distance calls terminated to you without charge to the originating caller for calls made from locations throughout the US, Canada or the Caribbean. Rates include call origination and transport of calls.

  2. SERVICES PROVIDED. You have access to CCI's Long Distance Service seven (7) days a week, 24 hours a day and may transmit video, data and other communications of your choice to intrastate (within the state) or interstate (outside the state) destinations.

    Where you contract with CCI for Long Distance Services, CCI will restrict international toll, utilizing 011+ dialing pattern, and off-shore domestic toll to non-U.S. countries, utilizing 1+ dialing pattern. Such restriction may be removed by CCI if requested in writing by you. You are responsible for your network security management and agree to safeguard against unauthorized access to the long distance network, and to assume financial liability if such security fails. In the event such unauthorized access occurs that stimulates toll usage billing, you are responsible to pay for all toll traffic switch expenses caused by the unauthorized access. You hereby agree to indemnify and defend CCI from and against any claims or charges made against or incurred by CCI resulting from all authorized or unauthorized toll and long distance charges.

  3. ADDITIONAL PROVISIONS FOR LONG DISTANCE SERVICES. You will be billed for domestic Long Distance Services on a usage basis. You will be billed for international Long Distance Services on a usage basis in 60-second increments with a 60-second increment minimum.

    Rates for services are dependent upon your service commitment in the Service Order.

  4. OPTIONAL CALLING PLANS. Optional Calling Plans are available in bundled minutes. Operator assistance, directory assistance and international calls outside the US and Canada are not included in minutes of an Optional Calling Plan. All Optional Calling Plan minutes are applied to calls on a "first-in" basis by billing cycle for the entire billing account. International calls will be billed at CCI’s current international rates published on

  5. LIMITATION OF COMPANY’S LIABILITY. Without limiting the general terms of the Agreement, you assume all risks other than those resulting from gross negligence or willful misconduct associated with the provision of Long Distance Services and delivery of messages, and the liability of CCI for damages resulting in whole or in part from mistakes, omissions, interruptions, delays, errors or other defects in the Long Distance Services provided will not exceed its billed charges for the defective call or calls. Long Distance Services Addendum, v20211123