As businesses look to cloud technologies and digital transformation initiatives to reach more customers and improve employee productivity, it all starts with having a rock solid data network foundation in place.

What is Consolidated Communications’ Class of Service (CoS)?

Class of Service supports Consolidated’s Switched Ethernet and MPLS-VPN Data Networking solutions and scales with the newly upgraded speeds offered (now up to 100 Gbps!).

Consolidated offers two Class of Service configurations for Switched Ethernet and MPLS-VPN:

  • Fixed CoS configuration has all packets mapped to the same Class of Service level.
    There are three levels to choose from:
    • Critical
    • Expedite
    • Standard
  • Per-Packet CoS configuration has all packets mapped to the same Class of Service level.
    configuration has packets mapped to different Class of Service levels based on your DSCP or VLAN-PCP marking. There are two levels to choose from:
    • Critical PPCoS which includes two classes – Critical and Standard
    • Real-Time PPCoS which includes three classes – Real Time, Critical and Standard

Key Benefits

Consolidated will work together with you to determine and deliver the Class of Service type that best suits your needs and that aligns with your overall network management strategy. Once implemented, key benefits you will realize include:

  • Prioritization and improvement of the performance of your business-critical network traffic (cloud applications, email, collaboration tools, video, VoIP, large data transfers)
  • Better control of network congestion, latency and dropped packets
  • Ability to dedicate and allocate bandwidth for your business-critical network traffic

Why Consolidated Communications?

A Top 10 Fiber Network provider in the United States with over 50,000 fiber route miles in the 23 states it serves, Consolidated is a recognized industry leader in enterprise business data networking and advanced communications services. We have the people and resources to deliver you dedicated support in your whole customer journey with us: from assessment, implementation and ongoing if any issues occur.


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