Consolidated Communications Data Backup solution uses a hybrid approach for non-hosted environments, consisting of cloud storage and an on premise DataSafe vault provided by trusted partner NetStandard. Backups to both are managed and synchronized through a unified management console. By using a hybrid approach, our customers get the security and reliability of the cloud with the performance and availability of local storage to provide the fastest and most reliable backup and recovery. For ultimate peace of mind the solution starts with a device on-site designed to save time when retrieving large data. The second layer of backup is an off-site cloud copy. Data is stored on a cloud server at a secure private data center.

• Local back-ups to on-site including back-up appliance AND Remote back-up to off-site cloud 

• High performance including de-duplication and compression.

• Back-ups are encrypted in flight and at rest to meet HIPAA, FFIEC, GLB, SEC requirements

• Easy and instant restores from multiple recovery points, single-touch restores from local appliance or cloud back-up.

• Compatible with both Linux and Windows and with physical and virtual servers

• Application aware with In-depth integration with business-critical applications (SQL, Exchange)

• Rapid recovery times

• Rely on end-to-end protection with an integrated backup and disaster recovery solution

• Avoid capital expenses and the need for specialized IT staff

• Secure, reliable, certified data protection infrastructure that supports HIPAA- and PCI-governed environments

• Easy to use centralized management interface

• Simple and flexible, easy deployment and automated data protection

• Advisory Services

• 24x7x365 support


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