Managed Desktop & Server Service

Desktop Management from Consolidated Communications provides best practice-based IT services designed to ensure the customer's IT environment remains stable, reliable and enhances their business performance.

Desktop Managed Services provide customers with proactive management, administration, operations, and monitoring for their information technology desktop assets.  The CCI team leverages expertise to:

  • Configure and manage Anti-Virus solutions designed to protect end-user devices.
  • Monitor desktop (i.e. disk space utilization,software inventory), status of anti-virus and pattern files.
  • End User support for desktop related issues with remote control assistance.
  • Desktop operating system patching
  • Software inventory and management

Desktop Management and Server Service Benefits

Managed Desktops and servers are becoming more common as businesses realize the significant advantages in having a managed infrastructure that allows for improved employee collaboration and productivity. How can CCI’s desktop and server management solution benefit your business?

  • Reduced costs.
  • Easy planned for and implemented Regulatory compliance requirements
  • Simplified software and hardware maintenance and upgrades planning and scheduling
  • Improved operational effectively, allowing more time to focus on other IT objectives.
  • Best in class Industry expertise. CCI can be an extension of your IT team
  • Improved access to service provider's expertise.
  • 24/7 management and technical support.

Managed Desktop and Server Service Features

  • Desktop deployment and user data management.
  • Desktop application management.
  • Security management and support
  • Asset management and support.
  • Multiple server environment management.
  • Multiple operating systems management.

Let Consolidated Communication help you to focus on your core business while we focus on managing your IT needs. Reduce costs, increase operational efficiency and drive business success with Managed Desktop and Server Service from Consolidated Communications.


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