Advisory, Implementation and Development Services

As advances in technology continue to make businesses more efficient and accelerate the speed at which they operate, most business and technology leaders are challenged by how to best enable technology to meet their objectives. Consolidated Communications has the expertise and the experience needed to translate the available technology into solutions for current business challenges. Whether it’s getting more out of a current investment or evaluating a new solution, Consolidated Communications provides a comprehensive set of services - Advisory, Implementation, and Development - to enable and enhance technology within any organization.

Advisory Services

Organizations are continually bombarded with new ideas on how to best adapt the newest and best technology to meet their current business needs. Consolidated Communications Advisory Services is a collaborative relationship that is built between Consolidated Communications and the client; where experience, knowledge and responsibility are shared. The objective is to provide the client with results that will align technology with business objectives.

As businesses are looking for new ways to leverage IT for growth, the experience and knowledge of the Consolidated Communications team provides clients with innovative and creative approaches to IT development and support. The Consolidated Communications team provides expertise in the areas of Data Center, Unified Communications and Network & Security; and can apply that knowledge to provide guidance when introducing initiatives such as virtualization, presence and security.

Implementation Services

Implementation Services from Consolidated Communications ensure a professional deployment of a wide range of collaboration, data center and network technology solutions. This service allows internal resources to stay focused on their core areas of expertise and provide the greatest impact to the organization, while leveraging Consolidated Communications' experienced resources, best practices and proven methodology to implement the technology your organization needs.

As an experienced IT services organization, Consolidated Communications has local resources, including project managers, business analysts, engineers and training resources that deliver a wide array of technology solutions.

Development Services

Development Services from Consolidated Communications provide the resources and knowledge organizations need to best leverage the technology they have. This offering maximizes the value of collaboration, data center and network solutions by improving the adoption and effectiveness of the systems and applications already in production. Development Services lead organizations to increased revenues, greater efficiencies, and faster time to market, all while enabling internal IT teams to focus on driving greater value to the organization.

As business and IT leaders evaluate and adopt technology, they often expect that these solutions will facilitate change or improvement within their organization. While this is sometimes the case, often times, technology is implemented in a more tactical way – a way in which the business as usual approach becomes the main focus. This common occurrence can lead to lower technology adoption rates and therefore results that are less impactful than desired.