Align Security with Your Business Initiatives

Consolidated Communications, Inc. (CCI) Cloud Secure prevents an ever growing list of innovative attacks from affecting your business allowing IT resources to stay focused on strategic initiatives and ensuring increased productivity, cost savings, and a reputation of impenetrable security.

Cloud Secure is a fully managed security platform that operates on industry-leading technology and uniquely integrates next-generation firewall capabilities, advanced endpoint protection, and threat intelligence.

CCI ensures the most enhanced level of network protection, proactively guarding companies of all sizes from system intrusions and security threats that put critical applications and data at risk.

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Business Benefits of Cloud Secure

  • Improved threat prevention by proactively identifying malicious attempts to damage your network
  • Streamlined security network deployment
  • Reduced end-user downtime and response times to incidents
  • Decreased security operation costs
  • Elimination of unwanted applications to reduce your threat footprint
  • Increased visibility and control over your network


Why Security Matters

The security landscape is changing. Are you confident your organization won't be breached in the future?

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Complimentary Security Assessment

Consolidated Communications offers a complimentary Security Lifecycle Review (SLR) that analyzes network activity and provides a customized report that identifies the security risks confronting your organization, enabling you to minimize risks and prevent future threats.

The customized report presents the analysis of application, web browsing, file management and threat analysis, along with comparisons to industry averages, giving you better insight into the cyber health of your network.


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