Fax Solutions

Consolidated Communications offers two unique, money-saving fax solutions to fit the needs of any office or industry – FAX Connect and Fax over IP. Whether you require a traditional fax machine solution or the mobility and convenience of faxing to and from your computers, our solutions are reliable, secure, and efficient.

FAX Connect

Use the power of the web for a highly reliable and secure cloud-based fax connection over Ethernet to an analog fax machine.

FAX Connect integrates existing fax machines to a CCI cloud-based fax solution. Because it’s an Analog Telephone Adapter, FAX Connect allows faxes to be sent and received while leveraging existing IT infrastructure and eliminating the cost and maintenance of fax telephone lines. This plug-and-play solution provide highly reliable and secure transport of fax data, simplifying the transition to IP-based infrastructure via a connection to your organization’s LAN. Easily installed in a few minutes, this simple solution supports multiple fax machines to enable real-time, in-bound fax streaming that’s always available and never busy.

FAX over IP (FoIP)

A simple, economical solution for sending and receiving faxes via email to anywhere you have an Internet connection.

Gain mobility and convenience while reducing fax transmission costs with FAX over IP (FoIP) from CCI. Secure and reliable FoIP enables you to send and receive faxes anywhere you have access to the Internet using encrypted email (SMTP over TLS). With FoIP, you never get a busy signal.  Faxes are delivered to your email inbox as TIFF or PDF files which can be easily forwarded, deleted, or saved to a computer file.