Digital Connectivity for Your Evolving
Voice, Video and Data Transport Needs

Consolidated Communications gives you an efficient way to integrate your local voice, data and video communications on the same high-performance digital trunks using industry-standard Integrated Services Digital Network (ISDN) Primary Rate Interface (PRI) technology. This all-digital service connects your digital PBX (or other digital premises equipment) directly to the Consolidated Communications Network over ISDN-configured T1 facilities you can use for virtually any combination of voice, video, or switched data transmissions. You don’t have to designate certain channels for each type of transmission; your bandwidth is allocated automatically on a call-by-call basis.

ISDN-PRI is ideal for businesses with multiple locations or with many lines in one location and high call volume. You can utilize 23 full channels as dedicated, two-way bandwidth for faster data transfer, information sharing, real-time bandwidth adjustments and connectivity to multiple locations. And because each PRI supports up to 23 individual access lines, you can use the same highly reliable PRI to support IP phones, analog phones, wireless devices, video conferencing and more.

Feature-Rich Service Benefits

  • Dependable connectivity for local and toll calls, long distance, international voice, video and switched data services
  • Any channel can carry any type of connection, eliminating the need for single-purpose trunks such as: direct outward dial (DOD), dedicated video and data private lines
  • Features Caller ID, Direct Inward Dialing (DID) and rapid call setup
  • Channel bonding used for added cost efficiency, rapid scalability and added control and flexibility
  • Optional back-up signaling channel to improve reliability
  • Functionality across standard analog four-wire and fiber optic circuits employs technology that is both widely deployed and cost effective
  • Direct inward dialing allows everyone and every department to have its own telephone number.
  • Flexible inward dialing allows calls to be routed to various destinations based on time and day depending on the incoming caller ID.
  • Outbound transfer based on time of day, allows incoming calls to be re-routed real-time outside the company without the caller knowing it. This helps for after-hours emergencies.


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