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The Consolidated Communications Cloud Contact Center Service is a strategic platform that enables you to move into the next phase of customer service. The Contact Center solution is a distributed, IP-based customer service infrastructure that comprises a continuously evolving suite of innovative services and customer relationship management applications. These services and applications provide enhanced responsiveness and streamlined customer exchanges to help your organization deliver superior customer service. The Hosted Contact Center extends customer service capabilities across the entire organization, giving your business a more integrated and collaborative approach to customer satisfaction.

Why Consider a Consolidated Communications Contact Center Solution?

CCI’s Cloud Contact Center solutions provide more functionality than traditional hardware-based systems – often at a fraction of the cost. With a “pay-as-you-grow” solution model, businesses can forego expensive investments in on-premises hardware and in-house management.

Cloud Contact Center Solutions are known to deliver significantly lower total cost of ownership (TCO) than comparable premise-based systems for all configurations analyzed for both three and five-year terms. Also, bigger the call center and the more feature-rich the services, the greater the TCO savings. Businesses also enjoy ongoing feature enhancements as Consolidated Communications regularly upgrades and maintains the contact center solution.

The cloud-based delivery model also reduces the complexity and improves flexibility of managing the platform.

CCI’s advanced Hosted Contact Center solutions includes the following advanced capabilities:

A Complete, Future-Ready Contact Center Solution – Advanced technology enables omnichannel customer engagement – voice, web, email, instant messaging, social media. It also enables businesses to deploy virtual or home-based agents, which is becoming more common. Plus, enjoy ongoing feature enhancements with future upgrades to contact center software.

  • Lower Total Cost of Ownership – There is little to no Cap Ex expenditure, and no maintenance fees. In many cases, businesses can use their existing high-speed connectivity.
  • Flexibility and Self-Service Capabilities – Easily add or remove agents or add or remove functionality on an agent-by-agent basis.
  • Seamless Customer Experience – Features like Enhanced Call Flow and Workflow Scripting provide a consistent customer experience.
  • Quality Monitoring & Control – Tools, such as Live Monitor, Whisper and Barge-in allow supervisor call monitoring to ensure every customer receives high-quality service every time.
  • Increased Management Visibility – Real-time dashboards and alerts let you analyze contact center statistics, call queues, service objectives, agent performance and more.
  • Skill-Based Routing & Prioritization – Automatic Call Distribution, Integrated Voice Response, email and chat capabilities deliver the right agent to your customers through the most appropriate channel.
  • Meaningful Reporting & Analytics – Businesses gain valuable insight into contact center operations with Real-Time Stat Display & Wallboard; Real-Time Dashboard; Customer Agent Activities; Detailed Call & Agent Statistics; Custom Agent Activities and more.


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