Whether you interact with colleagues in the same office building or 1500 miles across the country video calls and video conferencing can greatly enhance business communication.  Once perceived as a solution for reducing travel expenses it is evident that it can better help all employees feel more connected and often increase productivity.  Face-to-face meetings aren’t always possible but having video capabilities can help garner the same results of some in person interactions. The benefits of interactive & visual video calls are becoming more prominent for these reasons.

Face-to-face Interaction –The quality of our overall interaction can be improved by replacing our phone calls with video calls

Establish more personal & trusting relationships - With an increase in face-to-face interaction with video communications, more positive and trusting relationships are built with colleagues and customers. It’s quite simply easier to get to know each other.

Improved understanding – Reduced risk of misunderstanding when interacting via video that via phone

Faster decision making – You don’t always need to wait for a meeting, instead video collaboration enables immediate sharing with verbal and non-verbal feedback.

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