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Consolidated Communications’ white papers demonstrate how our technology solutions can best address your needs and solve your most pressing business problems.

welcome to the cloud: white paper

Get the answers to your questions and learn how to reap the benefits of Cloud Services for your business!


security & the Internet of Things: white paper

New capabilities are creating new security vulnerabilities, requiring new safeguards. Download this 18-page Security White Paper to learn more about protecting your business.


the complete guide to hosted voip: white paper

It’s clear hosted VoIP has moved beyond the hype to provide a viable business communication solution for organizations of all sizes. This guide will discuss several important topics to consider in your decision-making process.


How managed wireless lan can transform your business: white paper

This white paper examines how your business can use the latest wireless local area network (WLAN) technology to improve your company’s mobility initiatives.


a case for cloud contact center: white paper

With technologies quickly evolving, new contact center applications are launched on a regular basis. Should you purchase a premise-based system or use a cloud contact center solution?


Risk Assessment for Municipalities: white paper

This risk assessment has been developed for municipal data centers to help analyze vulnerabilities and potential threats. It identifies risks that could affect a local government’s strategic operations, internal processes, financial performance, compliance and public confidence.


DDoS Economic View: white paper

Distributed Denial-of-Service (DDoS) Attacks: An Economic Perspective


Social Media for Small Business: E-Book part 1

Should small businesses use social media to connect with customers? Let this E-book help you decide what approach might work for your small business.


social media for small business: E-book part 2

Learn more about the social media platform options available for marketing your small business.


social media for business: e-book part 3

Learn more about how small businesses can optimize their social media presence.


Ensuring IT Resiliency and business continuity: white paper

Upgrade your Digital TV service, change your Choice channels, add movie packages and more.


top 10 reasons for data center colocation: white paper

Learn more about why it may be beneficial to colocate in an advanced data center with this helpful guide.

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