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Consolidated Communications’ white papers demonstrate how our technology solutions can best address your needs and solve your most pressing business problems.

Telehealth & Cybersecurity: What You Should Know White Paper

Research from McKinsey confirms telehealth has seen adoption soar when compared to pre-COVID levels. Adoption is up 38x from where we were before the pandemic, and that shows just how much of an impact it is having on the healthcare industry as a whole. This growth has created even more urgency for telehealth providers to stay on top of the cybersecurity threats that come along with this new innovation.


Understanding & Planning for Today’s Cyber Security Threats: White Paper

Today’s Information security threats take many forms. If your organization is not prepared to recognize, fend off, and address these threats, your company’s financial resources and information, as well as your clients’ and employees’ information, are at risk.


Guide to SD-WAN: White Paper

SD-WAN leverages the benefits of cloud, the inexpensive bandwidth of broadband, and the existing network infrastructure to cost-efficiently transmit data, video, and voice traffic across the organization.


welcome to the cloud: white paper

Get the answers to your questions and learn how to reap the benefits of Cloud Services for your business!


security & the Internet of Things: white paper

New capabilities are creating new security vulnerabilities, requiring new safeguards. Download this 18-page Security White Paper to learn more about protecting your business.


the complete guide to hosted voip: white paper

It’s clear hosted VoIP has moved beyond the hype to provide a viable business communication solution for organizations of all sizes. This guide will discuss several important topics to consider in your decision-making process.


How managed wireless lan can transform your business: white paper

This white paper examines how your business can use the latest wireless local area network (WLAN) technology to improve your company’s mobility initiatives.


a case for cloud contact center: white paper

With technologies quickly evolving, new contact center applications are launched on a regular basis. Should you purchase a premise-based system or use a cloud contact center solution?


Risk Assessment for Municipalities: white paper

This risk assessment has been developed for municipal data centers to help analyze vulnerabilities and potential threats. It identifies risks that could affect a local government’s strategic operations, internal processes, financial performance, compliance and public confidence.


DDoS Economic View: white paper

Distributed Denial-of-Service (DDoS) Attacks: An Economic Perspective


Social Media for Small Business: E-Book part 1

Should small businesses use social media to connect with customers? Let this E-book help you decide what approach might work for your small business.


social media for small business: E-book part 2

Learn more about the social media platform options available for marketing your small business.


social media for business: e-book part 3

Learn more about how small businesses can optimize their social media presence.


Ensuring IT Resiliency and business continuity: white paper

Upgrade your Digital TV service, change your Choice channels, add movie packages and more.


top 10 reasons for data center colocation: white paper

Learn more about why it may be beneficial to colocate in an advanced data center with this helpful guide.

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Next Generation Security An Economic View: White Paper

The combination of complex, modern IT environments and a rapidly evolving threat landscape has left many businesses challenged to control costs while effectively protecting the systems on which their operations depend. To address these challenges, organizations are looking at ways to consolidate their security infrastructure to (1) improve their security posture and (2) reduce their total cost of ownership.


Navigating Cybersecurity Challenges in Financial Services: White Paper

Learn about why the financial services industry is a hot target for cybersecuruty breaches and how next generation security is necessary in preventing ongoing threats.