Increase your social media presence to grow your business’s exposure.

Tools and insights to help you make the most of your time.

You don’t have to be a social marketing guru to make the most of your online presence.

First things first: What platforms are right for you? Social media marketing for small business can help you engage existing customers and open you up to new customers – but you’re probably pretty busy already. The key is to find the right outlet you can utilize consistently to engage audiences on their terms.

Select the social media platform(s) that most align with your customers:

What is it?
What it used for?
Who should use it?

Facebook: The social center for a business’ online awareness and reach.

Businesses with personality that want to actively communicate online – restaurants, retail stores, professional services, travel, specialty shops, art, health and beauty.

Instagram: Instantly deliver images and supporting text to groups and your business followers.

Businesses that want a frequent flow of visual support – hospitality, retail stores, travel / tourism, health services, restaurants, legal, exercise, beauty, real estate.

Pinterest: Visual bookmarking and discovery / sharing engine.

Businesses that rely on visual appeal to sell their products – specialty foods, artists, home goods, bakery, catering, clothing and jewelry design studios, dining.

YouTube: Video sharing site where you can search and post short- to extended-length videos.

If you have a visual story to tell or an easy DIY project to share – landscapers, contractors, florists, caterers, hospitality, child care, furniture repair, auto care.

LinkedIn: Professional networking site that connects professionals with other professionals.

From accountants to lawyers, marketers to sales, any business professional who wants to connect with other professionals and share information.



Online resources to help you get started and stay connected to your customers.

About 40% of the world’s population, or nearly 3 billion people, were active on social media networks in 2019. 1 That’s lot of potential. Sifting through the wealth of information can be time consuming, so we’ve added some helpful links below to get you started.

Once you have selected the best social media site(s) for your business and your customers, you can increase exposure and engagement as you learn how to optimize the channel. Take feedback and stick with it. The key to social media marketing is consistency, persistence, and reliable business Internet service.



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