Business Continuity

Will your business survive if your corporate data center goes down or becomes inaccessible? Does your business continuity plan include data center colocation for primary or secondary backup sites?

Solution: Data Center Colocation Services

With the right data center colocation provider, you can ensure the reliability and availability of critical applications and data while minimizing the risk of unplanned outages. When choosing a provider, you should consider these factors:

  • Location – An off-site data center should be located in an accessible area with a low risk of natural disasters, minimal adverse weather conditions, and adequate transportation infrastructure.
  • Reliability – The data center should eliminate points of failure by integrating multiple levels of redundancy. Be sure to check the provider’s track record on outages, availability and service level history, as well as its maintenance procedures.
  • Commercial Power – A resilient data center will provide diverse power feeds from utilities into the facility. If one feed is compromised, another feed can keep operations running.
  • Network Availability – Access to a reliable network and high-speed connectivity is a major benefit for businesses.
  • Physical Security – The right data center provider will implement multiple levels of physical security inside and outside the facility. External physical security measures, such as barriers, reduce the likelihood of vandalism or break-in while sophisticated access control and monitoring systems can prevent unauthorized access to secure areas.
  • Staff Expertise – The best data center providers will employ experienced, knowledgeable and highly skilled IT staff. The right solution will offer support staff around-the-clock, every day of the year.

Solution: Disaster Recovery

Consolidated also offers data protection services that ensure your data is backed up and available for seamless recovery. Our cloud-based solution provides rapid failover of mission-critical applications and data with continuous protection and leading RPO and RTO standards. Consolidated Communications Data Protection services adhere fully to HIPAA, PCI and Safe Harbor standards and meet stringent audit requirements to protect organizations from unnecessary risks.

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