SIP Trunking

Consolidated Communications SIP Trunking is a versatile and cost effective solution that delivers the benefits of VoIP while retaining your existing data infrastructure. Make VoIP phone calls directly from an IP PBX or similar VoIP-enabled device.

A simplified network allows your business to reduce costs, rapidly deploy new applications and solutions, and grow with your business.

SIP Trunking features:
  • SIP Trunking with an Ethernet handoff at customer premise
  • Unlimited local calling
  • Ability to serve multiple markets from one location with nationwide numbers
  • Overflow routing to handle unanticipated spikes in call volume and increase redundancy
  • Pooled Concurrent Call Sessions (CCS) - share idle capacity across redundant SIP endpoints
  • Inbound calling name and number available
  • Directory Assistance, E911, Directory Listing and Toll-Free services
Reasons to switch to Consolidated Communications SIP Trunking:
  • Scalability for more efficient bandwidth utilization and better quality of service
  • Simplicity and cost savings for voice services
  • Seamless transition with porting of existing phone numbers
  • A single vendor relationship with one invoice and one support contact
  • Enhanced network capabilities and cost savings for multi-location networks
  • Rapid trouble resolution through a centralized 24x7x365 Support Center
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