Consolidate Your Business Technologies
& Locations with a Single Powerful Network

The MPLS-VPN WAN solution from Consolidated Communications provides the latest technology designed specifically for Enterprise businesses with multi-service and multi-site applications. MPLS-VPN WAN offers a variety of access methods and speeds, plus multiple classes of service, and leverages ubiquitous IP networking to provide flexibility, scalability and ease of use. Whether you have two or multiple sites within your network, Consolidated Communications will provide a secure, reliable solution to best maximize your investment towards connecting your business.

How it Works

Consolidated Communications MPLS-VPN allows each site to dynamically and transparently communicate with every other site. MPLS has the ability to differentiate different types of packets across the network by creating labels for each IP packet which allows you to scale and to prioritize traffic across the network.

Performance Control for Converged, Multi-Service Networks

Organizations are leveraging their WANs for numerous types of applications and traffic: voice, video, data, storage and more. MPLS is quickly becoming the preferred WAN technology for converged networks. The Quality of Service (QoS) capabilities of CCI's MPLS service provide control over the performance of different traffic types.

Flexible, Secure and Cost-Effective

Consolidated Communications' MPLS is an extremely flexible, scalable and secure WAN service with little complexity. All traffic is secured through separate routing instances and tunneling that is equivalent to layer 2 technologies. Consolidated Communications offers two service levels of MPLS-VPN to provide the best solution for your business.

Consolidated Communications will Design a Solution for Your Unique Network Needs

  • Allow you to manage your network configuration routing tables specific to your network needs
  • Provide for a secure, private network within or across multiple Metro Area Networks
  • Accommodate partial or full meshed networks, as well as dual hub and disaster recovery facilities
  • Provide network monitoring and Level 2 Support – 24x7x365
  • Port Speeds: Up to 100 Gbps
  • Easily add or remove additional locations with minimal effort and cost
  • Provide industry leading SLAs
  • Provide a Network Monitoring Portal that allows views into service usage, anytime, anywhere, from one central and private web interface

Advanced Services for One Networking Solution

Advanced services with MPLS-VPN provides a more in-depth service by allowing multiple services such as Customized QoS and Routing Protocol including Open Shortest Path First (OSPF), Border Gateway Protocol (BGP) or Enhanced Interior Gateway Routing Protocol (EIGRP).

Enhance Your MPLS Service

Add Secure Remote Access to enhance your MPLS-VPN WAN service.

Value Add options available for MPLS-VPN Services.

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Class of Service
• Proactive Monitoring Services


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