High-Bandwidth Connectivity for Site-to-site Networks

Switched Ethernet WAN services from Consolidated Communications provides high-bandwidth connectivity for site-to-site networks, business continuity, data center, storage, convergence applications, LAN extension and Internet access. Ethernet is extremely cost effective and is simple to implement and support in multi-site environments.

  • Simplify your metro and regional wide area networks using familiar Ethernet services
  • Flexible, scalable, high bandwidth interconnection for today’s real-time applications
  • Use less costly and easier to manage Ethernet-based customer premise equipment (CPE)
  • 24x7x365 Network Operations Center support


Ethernet Switched Service

Ethernet Switched Service is a multipoint service for creating meshed internetworks across numerous sites.

  • Port-based Ethernet Virtual Connections (EVC) provides multipoint (any-to-any) or point-to-point services
  • Port speeds: Up to 100 Gbps
  • Wide range of EVC speeds available
  • EVC class of service options: best effort, business critical, or voice quality
  • Transparent LAN: customer control of VLANs and layer 2 protocol frames


Dedicated Ethernet

Dedicated Ethernet is a point-to-point service for high bandwidth connections (e.g. to a data center).

  • Dedicated bandwidth between sites
  • Port speeds: Up to 100 Gbps
  • Designed for business-critical applications

Value Add options available for Ethernet Services.

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Class of Service
• Proactive Monitoring Services

Benefits of Switched Ethernet Services


Reliable – We stand behind the service and back it with a rigorous Service Level Agreement, delivered over a core network with 99.999% availability. Low latency and low packet loss ensure data integrity.

Dedicated Connection – You get the performance you pay for without connecting to the open Internet or sharing bandwidth at peak usage times with neighboring businesses.

Seamless Integration – Easily integrate with additional data and voice applications.

Easy to Manage – We eliminate the complexity of WAN and LAN management by providing full management and maintenance of equipment, proactive trouble ticketing, and a Managed Services Portal so customers can view usage and performance 24/7. We also offer Layer 2 control protocol support.

Highly Scalable – You can easily adjust your bandwidth from 3 Mbps to 10 Gbps or more, so you get data at the speed of your business.

Cost Efficiency – Enjoy a lower cost-per-Mbps than legacy frame or ATM.

Better Performance – Class of Service (CoS) and Quality of Service (QoS) agreements enhance your traffic’s prioritization on Consolidated Communications’ network to provide higher service level metrics for critical applications.

Ability to Streamline – Run voice and data on a single network.


Consolidated Communications’ Managed Ethernet Line (E-Line) service offers a highly scalable, reliable and dedicated connection to our fiber network so data is routed over a private network — not the open Internet — providing high quality and added security. And, with multiple classes of service over a single Ethernet Virtual Connection, you can enhance your class and quality of service.


Ethernet Local Area Network (E-LAN) services are the multipoint version of E-line services and are ideal for multi-site companies. E-LAN extends your native Ethernet environment to connect multiple locations. Consolidated Communications’ E-LAN provides any-to-any connectivity that’s easy to manage, scalable and cost effective.


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